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Cherub – Sound Activation/Healing

Next Event 10th May London

Tim Wheater & Cherub’s Sound Activation

Relax, receive and float up to higher states of awareness with Tim Wheater and Cherub’s Sound Activation..

Every sound is vibration, and that vibration affects every cell in our bodies..

Experience a unique assortment of symphonic gongs fused with flutes, drums and divine angelic voice, and feel the powerful effects of group chanting as they guide us all in a harmonic expression of ancient mantra.

Discover sound’s infinite wisdom as it heals and transforms; from releasing endorphins, to stimulating your brain and regenerating your cells…

Immerse yourself in a beautiful, heart opening sound symphony of love…and return to your day feeling uplifted, connected and a deep sense of peace, wellbeing and joy!

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About Cherub

Cherub is a children’s music, poetry and play practitioner, healing sound therapist and dedicated ambassador for the transformational powers of sacred sound.

After graduating from Newcastle University with a first class Business degree – knowing she was destined to take the road less travelled – Cherub spent five years floating across the world, setting out to discover her true passion and purpose in life…

From skipping down volcanos in Bali, playing flutes around the fire with a Bahian tribe in Brazil, to teaching children in India and many adventures in-between, she returned to the UK to harness all of that universal life force energy and create wonderful things. …Play Around Sound was born – exploring children’s creative expression through music, poetry and play.

Cherub now works with the renowned charity, Kids Company, helping vulnerable children to express themselves through sound…because sometimes –words just aren’t enough!

Cherub’s soul journey led her to sound legend Tim Wheater – and together they are sharing sound’s infinite and ancient wisdom with the whole world!

Through her work (mainly play) Cherub aims to reignite the spark of pure infinite potential in every beautiful soul, to remind us all that everything is made of vibration and we are – of course, brilliant beings of sound…






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