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Chris Hill – Beat Stress & Anxiety

Next Event  | 7th October 2018 | London

Beat Stress & Anxiety  – Chris Hill

What I’m offering is an opportunity for you to experience what I teach about how to manage and (in many cases) ‘beat’ anxiety and stress; both of which have an adverse effect on your health and wellbeing.

I will show you how a few simple tools can change your whole mindset and how you deal with any negative events that take place or any negative thoughts that come to you.

We’ll be looking at:

  • How to deal with any negative thoughts about yourself and other people
  • Stressful events in your life
  • Difficult relationships
  • Work colleagues and work pressures
  • How to put to one side anything you cannot change
  • How to start working on the things you CAN change
  • How to relax your mind
  • How to stop thinking bad thoughts and ‘shift gear’ to a more positive mindset; so you don’t write-off the whole day
  • How to calm panic attacks or prevent them from happening
  • How to deal with negative people
  • How to really start enjoying life and having fun

The most important aspect of being able to make the changes in your life that you want and be able to move forward with any plans and goals you have – is to learn the skill of separating the past from the present, the things you can do something about from the things you can’t; in order to bring ‘calm’ into your mind.

You can only operate effectively from a place of calm. You cannot hope to make progress when you are agitated and panicking or fearing something.

Let me show you just a few effective tools that you can apply to any aspect of life.

Any fear or anxiety you have, to prevent it from turning into stress or depression and wreaking havoc in your life.

I have tried these methods with people who have attended my workshops and on a one-to-one basis and I know they work!

I’m giving you the opportunity to learn how to take control of your thoughts; so they don’t take control of you!

Let me equip you with these fantastic simple tools to calm your mind and start living a happier life, consciously aware of how your mind works and how you can achieve a positive mindset.

We will also look at the Law of Attraction and how you can ‘bring’ positives into your life – positive people, events and things that you really want.

About Chris Hill

Chris Hill is award-winning, best-selling author of Get Your Life Back: The Road to Freedom from Addiction Chris is an addiction expert who helps people overcome all types of addiction such as to nicotine, alcohol, drugs etc as well as addictive activities such as gambling and over-eating. His programme is also being used for mental health and well-being i.e. to manage or eradicate compulsive behaviours, phobias, anxiety, stress and other fear-based conditions.

Chris also campaigns fora better understanding of the truth about added/refined/free sugars and teaches overcoming sugar addiction. He works in a holistic way with people who have eating disorders such as bulimia, anorexia nervosa, and over-eating; and has had success in managing these conditions.

Chris had his own battles with addiction spanning 20 years of his life. He first became addicted to nicotine at the age of seven, progressing to alcohol and drugs later in life. He attended dozens of recovery programmes and used dozens of systems to no avail. He then set off on a mission to educate himself about how addictive substances affect the subconscious mind and the body and developed a method to reverse addiction and return the individual to their pre-addicted mind.

Chris has been free of all addictions for over eleven years.

Following the loss of his twin brother to alcohol and drugs in 2014, Chris has made it his life mission to share the knowledge that helped him permanently escape from addiction; with as wide an audience as possible. He was awarded the BVSC (Bexley Volunteer Service Council) Award for Services to Health & Wellbeing 2017. He works alongside addiction service Nexus, and is certified to work with the NHS (National Health Service in the UK).

MIND has incorporated Chris’s addiction workshop into their service delivery. Chris works with a number of homeless charities delivery addiction workshops and offers both a drop-in service and intensive programme for his own clients. On 1 August 2017, Chris was invited to present his 7-Day Beat Addiction Plan to the research team of Dr Nora Volkow, The Director of NIDA (National Institute of Drug Abuse) at the World Health Institute, Washington DC and is in talks with Dr Ethan Kross from Michigan University to look at the effectiveness of ‘Self-talk’ when applied to addiction.

Chris is working with author and Clinical Psychologist, Dr. James Manning on a publication that aligns his teaching with a CBT model for addiction recovery. 9 November 2017 Chris was nominated and reached the finals for two awards (Best Sugar Reduction Campaign & Sugar Hero) at the Sugar Reduction Summit, London; attended by world leaders in the field of food science and manufacturing.

Chris is also collaborating with Rend Platings, Neuroscientist, and CEO of the food labeling organization ‘Sugarwise’ to launch a national debate on sugar addiction in the UK.

Chris has been invited by the UK government to present to the Parliamentary Committee on Diabetes and to submit a proposal for research on the addictive qualities of sugar for government funding consideration.

Contact Chris

chris@beatmyaddictions.com, www.beatmyaddictions.com , Tel: (44) 7557 026 233



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