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Fabio Garces

Fabio Garces – Sound Transformation

Fabio Garces next event 8th March 2015 – Sonic Enchantment: Transformation through sound

For over 7 years Fabio Garces has been expanding the boundaries of sound healing.

During a live session he shares with us this ground breaking and transformative acoustic experience which has driven his widely popular bi-monthly events.

Topics covered:

– An introduction to Cymatics
– Sound and vibration, fundamental elements of creation
– The unique benefits of sound meditation
– Merging ancient shamanic and contemporary sound healing practices

Plus experience a taster Sonic Enchantment sound healing too..

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Sonic Enchantment

Produced by Fabio Garces to leverage the creative and healing properties of sound, Sonic Enchantment is a live musical and multi-media experience where Garces brings listeners on a journey of the mind and body. A mixture of old world and new world technology, the performance fuses underground electronica and ambient music, hypnotic melodies, ethereal sound scapes and ancient sacred sounds. The resulting affect serves to create personal experiences that span a wide range of transformative benefits such as restoration and the re-emergence of balance and inner calm.

It was akin to being high – literally buzzing. Falling into such a deep meditative state meant that everything felt light, clear and fresh afterwards.Marcus Barnes, Vice Magazine (full article here)

Having tried a number of sound baths and meditation classes before, I have to say nothing has compared to the experiences I’ve had with Fabio…he uses some very special frequencies and tones which have helped me find new depths in meditation, evoking strong visual imagery, and taking my body to another place over the course of an hour. It truly does take time to float back down to earth at the end of a session. Nothing defragments my hard drive better after a long day at work.” Ben Kouijzer, Electronic music agent, The Agency Group

The sounds from the start just allowed me to relax and let go of any tension, both physical and mental. Afterwards the feeling was amazing, like I had come into my true self….and at some moments even pure euphoria.Anna Konycheva, event attendee

About Fabio Garces

Merging a background in music production, sound engineering and DJing, Fabio Garces has spent the last 7 years researching the field of cymatics, acoustic therapies, solfeggio frequencies and ancient South and Central American shamanic sound healing practices to develop an approach that combines modern acoustic technology with ancient sound healing.

The result is an inspired and deeply moving musical and multi-media experience which takes the listener through a series of layers of underground electronica, ambient music, hypnotic melodies, ethereal sound scapes and subtle ancient shamanic rhythms resulting in deeper personal connection and a positive state of mind.

Driven by creating and innovating this genre, Fabio is fusing underground electronica and techno with this new field of music. Currently busy in the studio producing his new project, Fabio is also working to further develop his popular bi-monthly London Sonic Enchantment events into a fully immersive sound and light experience.

Sonic Enchantment



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