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Gilly Bean | LIVE Music of the Plants Concert

 28th Jan 2018 – London


Any music lover knows that when you listen to music, you hear the thoughts and feelings of the composer. If you have ever wanted to know what your plants are feeling, now is your chance! 

Using a musical instrument made just for them–the Music of the Plants U1–local plant musicians will play alongside human musicians in this one-of-a-kind interspecies concert.

By hearing the Music of the Plants, we recognize the sentience of the plant world and understand the sacrifices they make for our survival. Their songs reveal a language we can understand and play along with. Hearing plant music makes us realize that nature is filled with millions of living, breathing, thinking beings.

I welcome being able to connect with the plants and channel their voice through music.

I channel music for meditation on the piano by calling in the Angels to be with me and allowing the music to flow. It is an honour to be a Universal instrument for Divine music to be heard through the open source to Source that gets created. 

Gilly Bean has played the piano intuitively since early childhood aged 4/5 years. She is a radio station for the Universe and feels the flow of musical energy come through her. She channels the music during the meditation. Everything she plays comes from source energy and passes through her heart to yours, in love and deepest gratitude. 



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