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Insense – Channelled Piano Music & Singing Bowl Sound Bath

Next Event – Sun 29th Jan 2017 – London

Come and relax in a gentle, peaceful space and allow yourself the opportunity to reconnect with all of your senses. Enjoy a guided meditation whilst channeled piano music is played live with a singing bowl sound bath. Music is the language of the soul and it connects so deeply to humanity. Laura will also give Reiki during the meditation.

Join us for this exciting event with Yoga, Meditation, Sound Healing and Talks covering Conscious Nutrition for the Soul, Attracting Abundance and How to move from 3D chaos to 5D Miracles..event

About Laura Bacon

Laura is a trained Reiki practitioner, studying under the Usui system. It is her wish to help as many people as she can to activate and begin their own healing journeys. Laura believes that becoming a master of our own energy is a birth rite and should be accessible to all. She looks forward to assisting you during the meditation.

About GillyBean

GillyBean has played the piano intuitively since early childhood aged 4/5 years. She is a radio station for the Universe and feels the flow of musical energy come through her. She channels the music during the meditation. Everything she plays comes from source energy and passes through her heart to yours, in love and deepest gratitude.



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