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James Faint | Hatha Yoga

Next Session – 10th Sept 2017 – London

Hatha means forceful, but Ha also translates as Sun and Tha as moon. Yoga means a union and Hatha Yoga therefore means “the forceful way of uniting the solar and lunar aspects of man.

The sun is a symbol for the masculine and moon symbolises the feminine forces with in each human being. These energies rest at the very core of our being and these energies are brought into balance and perfection through the practical science of tantric (awareness) Hatha Yoga.


This state of being leads to the awakening of Kundalini (pure bliss) the style I teach is the zen yoga which has the same postures just more slower and more relaxed we practice movement meditation the benefits are: 

Increased flexibility.
Increased muscle.
Strength and tone.
Improved respiration.
Energy and vitality.
Maintaining a balanced metabolism.
Weight reduction through stimulation of glands
Cardio and circulatory health through breathing (Pranayama)
Improved mental focus
Protection from injury
Stress relief and relaxation

About James


Hi my names James I’ve been into fitness since I can remember and have been personal training since 2006.I have a degree in sports science and nutrition and am constantly learning to further my education. I teach calisthenics and yoga, they are my main two passions.

I came across yoga 3 years ago after suffering from a few herniated discs and other wear and tear injuries. I was going through some stressful times then yoga came to me, I believe everything falls into place at the right time it’s changed my life physically and mentally.

I teach zen yoga which is a slower style it builds core strength,stabilises and strengthen muscles,aids and rehabilitates injuries,regulates secretion off gland production bringing a neutral balance to the body and most importantly balances the body the mind to calm and release stress.

I’m a very passionate teacher that puts all my energy into my classes I feel like I’ve been blessed with a gift to help others and will continue todo so on my journey.


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