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Jay Diamond | Can Sex be Sacred?

Next talk – 10th Sept – London 

Can Sex be Sacred? – Jay Diamond

Sex is important to most of us but it’s rarely seen as sacred. In this interactive experience Jay shares practical ways to increase intimacy, openness and sensual sacredNess into your love life.


 – What happens energetically when you make love with someone

 – What the difference is between tantric and regular sex

 – A beautiful technique to build intimacy and sacredness in your lovemaking


About Jay 

Jay Diamond is a healer, yoga instructor, leader & inspirator. The creator of The Sacred Woman Tribe, her online courses heal the heart & soul of women internationally. 

She holds mixed cacao ceremonies in London, and reads Angel Oracle as a psychic intuitive coach.

She has received deep and profound healing and teachings from working with sacred plant medicines and has a deep calling to serve in the elevation of our planet. 




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