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Jo Jerodene is a spiritual mentor, an angelic channel, an intuitive vibrational healing practitioner, writer and speaker whose life purpose is to open minds and hearts towards their full potential. Founder and director of The Academy of Spiritual Knowledge, Jo previously ran The 7th Direction in Sheffield’s historical Castle Market where her knowledge of the mind, body & spirit and her guidance, was in much higher demand than the crystals and books she sold there. She closed the shop in 2009 to set up A.S.K. and hasn’t looked back.

What’s my angle?

Jo is a no-nonsense Yorkshire Lass with an uncanny way of telling it like it is. An inherent knack for combining spirituality with science for the layman has meant that she is able to easily and successfully, bring people along for the ride, making the connection for those who believe that spirituality is ‘a weekend retreat’ and turning it into a life-practice. Her easy, no bull-shit approach is both reassuring and engaging to both the beginners and the seasoned pros that can’t help but be captivated by her storytelling.

How did I get here? What’s my story?

Being tested for cancer almost nine years ago when her immune system almost gave up the ghost as a result of stress related illness, Jo was convinced that there was so much more to life than the daily grind. It took a further five years of re-education and self-reflection before she finally made the leap of faith into the unknown.

Spiritual career and training

Jo left a secure, well paid management position at one of the country’s largest leisure providers to fulfil the job that spirit asked her to do. After qualifying as a counsellor and vibrational healing practitioner, she trained as teacher with The Diana Cooper School of Angels and Ascension.

Having spent years previously, developing her understanding of spirituality and following a path that was led by angels and celestial inspirers, not to mention her own thirst for knowledge, she then turned her attention to paying it forward by developing understanding in others and helping them to unlock their own potential. Raising her own vibration to a level where Archangels and Ascended Masters can easily connect, she has been led to teach and develop the spiritual skills of countless others and to pass on the knowledge that Source has seen fit to bestow.

Jo has worked directly with the Archangel Azrael from a very early age but only came to recognise his role and significance in her life during the course of her deliberate development over the past 16 or so years, in which time he has taught her to reframe change and every ending and embrace the lessons, blessings and new beginnings inherent in every one.

Where have you seen me?

Published in both Soul &Spirit Magazine and High Spirit Magazine, Jo has written about her experiences with the Archangels, her early struggle to find the path, taking the leap of faith and her commitment toward aiding others in taking back their personal power and finding/maintaining their inner peace using her ‘Wholly Grail’ Principles.

Jo created 2012’s Fat Tuesday Event to promote self-esteem and hope among those suffering with weight and body image issues and was privileged to work alongside Anna-Louise Haigh: Author and creator of The Wholebeing Way; Mark Skipper aka ‘Skip the Naked Health Detective’: twice world gymnastics champion, author and inspirational speaker; the wonderful Alexandra Watson: Happiness & Success Coach; and last but by no means least The internationally renowned Stephen Russell aka The Barefoot Doctor: Author and Taoist Master among other things…

You might have also caught Jo on MySpiritRadio.com in a joint interview with Barefoot for the delicious Robin Robinson’s show: Wellbeing for Women, early in 2012.

Jo has performed mediumship & ‘colour reading’ demonstrations and angelic channelling throughout South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire and North Nottinghamshire and runs workshops and development programs in the area.

What people say about working with me?

“Thank you so much for a wonderful informative day. I look forward to spending more time learning from you and with you” – Ann-Marie C


“…Jo cleared up some of the things I was confused about. I’m most anxious to learn more from her…” – Anon


“Jo is a wonderful teacher on all aspects of the psychic sense” – Anon


“…wonderful, I gained great knowledge…” – Anon


“… Jo launches into some amazing stories and analogies to demonstrate her point and they flow so easily… I’m never really sure if the stories are true but they are wonderful!” – Margaret


“I thoroughly enjoyed Jo’s workshop. I know it has to end but the day makes you feel like you could go on forever. Many thanks.” – Lindsay S


“…easily understood and user friendly…” – Anon


“Jo is an excellent teacher, facilitator and highly knowledgeable of the subject” – Steve G


“Fantastic day, I really enjoyed it. It was packed with information and we experienced a miracle today, when it rained feathers! – Though I’m not surprised anymore when I’m working with Jo and the angels… I can’t wait for the next workshop!” – Jan G


“…thanks for a really enjoyable day. Jo’s meditation was far too relaxing for me… I have no idea where I went but I know I didn’t want to come back!” – Anon 


About Personal development:

“…stuck in a negative, abusive marriage… I had become very negative in my outlook towards life and people in general. I used to think ‘Is this it? Is this all there is?’ I gradually learned through yoga and reading various books by Norman Vincent Peel, Louise L Hay and many others too numerous to mention about positive thinking. In the late 70’s and early 80’s I met a teacher who taught me about the Laws of the Universe and Spiritual Law and though I had a long association with this teacher I still didn’t get it, and I was becoming very disappointed and miserable with the whole thing. My life was a mess, I was a mess… I started thinking ‘Is this my lot in life?’ Over the last twenty years I’ve searched and studied and been on many courses and met and married wonderful new man… I am now on yet another course and I am still learning. I am learning to love myself. I feel so privileged and grateful for my life, for my many blessings and gifts, so now I think I’ve got it – because of my association with The Academy of Spiritual Knowledge and meeting the right teacher, I now know I have definitely got it.” – Jackie F


“I now realise that this life that I’m in is for me to enjoy not hate… I feel stronger and more confident that all things are possible… and know that I am important… The lightworker’s (development courses) are working well for me and are helping my confidence…” – Sue G


“Why didn’t I know this stuff before? Kids should be taught Jo’s development courses at school then they might actually be prepared for life!” – Stephen 


About Jo’s Angelic Golden Ray Healing:

“…wrist fracture healed in under 2 weeks with Jo’s angelic healing! Thank you…” – Lindsay S


“Jo told me whilst she was working on my solar plexus that I would experience a release after the healing session and cry within the next 24 hours and I walked away after thinking ‘yeah right like that’s going to happen!’ The next night I was sat in a restaurant with my girlfriend and she looked at me, not in a funny way or anything, but I burst into tears! I ran to the men’s room and stood staring in the mirror saying ‘pull yourself together man’ splashing water on my face, but the more I tried to stop it, the worse it got, it was uncontrollable and my inner child just took over, just like she warned me… The next day me and my girlfriend talked things out properly and made a start healing our relationship… I had to call Jo the next day just to tell her she was an angel… from both of us… If that wasn’t terrific enough, before this experience Jo had had a dream about my situation and got in touch the next day because she was worried about me, she recounted back the details of the dream and I was gobsmacked that the details were almost precise to the letter of the last two weeks of my life… I had to go see her and all I could say was ‘so how does this work then?’ Jo just simply stated ‘I don’t know, but I know that it does’… still can’t believe she heard my soul cry for help from nearly 200 miles away!” – Mark S


About the Wholly Grail:

“She is an absolute natural at teaching and makes it look effortless. The atmosphere was comfortable and relaxed making learning easy…encouraged and enjoyed open discussion and shared experiences… each Principle is a part of everyday life. It’s good to take time out to analyse your life and what is important both in spiritual and everyday matters…” – Valerie G


“Presentation has been excellent in every aspect including practical demonstration and formal teaching… Jo has been an inspirational and informative teacher and her style of encouraging and directing our development has been wonderfully liberating. The Grail has helped me to see more clearly where I am on my path and by being more aware of why I am placed in certain situations that I need to learn from. I feel that I have developed enormously along my spiritual path by studying and practicing the Grail.” – Ann-Marie C


“I am sure in the future I will develop faster now I have the tools to get my head and emotions on track… The teacher is a 1st class tutor and the teaching methods are presented in a fun and informative way…” – Anon


“I enjoyed the exploration of each Principle and how we can use them in daily life… Jo explains in a way that’s understandable and easy to grasp” – Anon


“I found it easy to understand and I’m putting a lot into practice in the outside world… feeling a sense of calm and control of my own thoughts and feels… Jo is great, easy to understand, patient and honest.” – Karen I


“How The Grail has helped me?… to see and know the truth! Jo’s a brilliant teacher, fabulous, understanding, knowledgeable and helpful.” – Suzanne 

“… Jo has been an inspirational and informative teacher and her style of encouraging and directing our development has been wonderfully liberating…” – Ann-Marie C




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