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John Shore – Awakening, Health & Healing

Next Talk 12th September 2015London

Gathering of Minds – Two Year Anniversary

Awakening, Health & HealingJohn Shore 

John Shore, a physics scientist and engineer, was forced to re-evaluate his life due to a work related repetitive injury. Following a period away from the “rat race”, exploring various ways to “get well”, John woke up to a different perspective of life.

John’s talk explores this journey, covers areas of health and various healing modalities which he now uses to stay in balance.

One is a connection to “energies” which his own physics degree background could not explain, such as “psychic surgery” and “distant energy”. 


  •  My awakening & healing journey + science / engineering background
  •  Little known toxins in our environment
  •  Methods I use to boost my immune system
  • Techniques to help bring balance to our energy body

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About John

John, a scientist / engineer with a keen interest in discovering the truth, has a passion for investigating the nutritional aspects of his food and the daily toxins our bodies have to deal with. For him detoxification is a key to his own optimal health strategy. Astanga yoga and Tai Chi enable him to maintain his own mind, body and soul to make sure his energy body is a good instrument to channel healing source energy and remain connected.

In the past 4 years he has discovered he has the ability to distant heal and tune into the energy signature of the people he works with distantly to help them heal. He has an ability to sense within the body at a distant psychically and also trace back in time to memory effects of prior traumas which more often than not can cause the current day issue. If the memory of these traumas are acknowledged and flowed positive intentional energy these imbalances can sometimes miraculously heal within days of the energy blockage being removed. All John does is enable the client’s own body to start it’s self healing process.




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