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Juliette Bryant – Optimising Mental Health With Food

Next Event  | 7th October 2018 | London

Optimising Mental Health With The Food We Eat – Juliette Bryant

Juliette Bryant is passionate about showing people that food really can be their medicine.

Through years of research and hands-on use, Juliette has a full understanding of the best foods to bring balance to the mind, body, and emotions.

Juliette struggled with depression for many years but was able to overcome this through food, herbs, meditation and more. Juliette is now radiant in health and excited to share her knowledge with you in this fun, informative.


Foods and super-herbs to support a positive mental health.

How optimising the gut to produce and absorb essential nutrients, enzymes, and neurotransmitters for positive wellbeing.

Which foods to avoid that can bring about a slump in mental health

How our state of mind is altered by the foods we eat, and how to navigate this minefield.


About Juliette Bryant

Juliette Bryant has been working as a nutritionist, healer and meditation teacher for many years.  The essence of her work is to empower people with simple tools to enhance their lives.

Juliette is dynamic, engaging and presents life-changing information in an accessible way.

Her focus in life is to “let delicious food be your medicine.” And Juliette certainly can create delicious and nutritious food.  She has many strings to her nutritional bow: She is the star of the popular Juliette’s Kitchen shows, runs pop up Superfood Feasts, acts as a nutritional consultant for the Wellbeing In Schools project, caters for events and runs workshops around the country, gives talks and demos at festivals, health food shops and for groups, writes for magazines on wellbeing and gives one-on-one nutritional sessions. 

Juliette also works as a consultant for restaurants, pubs and juice bars helping them to create menus that cater to all people.

Juliette sees the solutions nature provides and has changed the lives of hundreds of people by showing simple ways that food can help us heal.

For more information follow her blog and videos at


Juliette can be contacted on 07740663493 or by email Juliette@inspiringlife.co.uk



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