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Jurgen Ziewe

Next Talk – 10th Sept 2017 – London

Shifting initial awakening into a lasting higher state of consciousness

For more and more people in recent years a veil has began to lift and many are becoming aware of the reality of a greater consciousness enveloping us, so much so that it is seen as a global shift in awareness. Awakening happens when specify conditions are met; it can come suddenly and spontaneously, as a result of a psychological transformation or be triggered by an experience of sublime beauty or even trauma. For many it is simply through the regular and devoted practice of meditation which allows a gentle and almost imperceptible opening up to a state of heightened awareness. But in nearly all cases, awakening is introduced by a powerful experience of oneness.

       No two awakenings are the same; they are as diverse and individual as the people who experience them. Each awakening is unique to the person awakening, depending on their personality, state of mind, life situation and manifold individual factors. Yet there is universal agreement, amongst those who have experienced it, that the fundamental transformation which follows and the way reality is subsequently perceived is no longer subjective, but rather based on an overarching consensus. Once the spell of personal identification is broken, our awareness radiates from a perception of unity.

       For such a state to endure the challenges of our daily lives the experience has to be integrated via an ongoing and consistent process of a here-now mindful awareness, until a point is reached where old identifications and attachments simply lose their significance.

       Awakening is not an end state, but the beginning of a progressively expanding consciousness. Once our lives are no longer determined by personal will, but have been integrated into a much greater stream of divine consciousness we become conduits for a much greater awareness. Once the trajectory is set it becomes irreversible and we can open up to even higher states of awakening which are just as dramatic and revolutionary as our initial experience. At this pointy our true evolution of consciousness begins to unfold in earnest.

       Discussing an awakened state is like describing colour to a person; without sight; words cannot describe experience, because it is not the mind which experiences transformation, but our whole being. As we are dealing with an altered state of consciousness, we are limited to using metaphors and descriptions of the effects that show up in our lives – but more than anything it is the heart which increasingly becomes our main channel for perception of and interaction with reality. Consequently our whole life is transformed.

       Jurgen Ziewe is a reporter, not a teacher, who will report on the impact awakening can have on our experience of reality, how it can affect our perception, social interaction, awareness and psychological make up and, above all, the potentials for us individually as sentient parts of a universal consciousness. Incredibly as it may seem, awakening is only a beginning and progressively much higher forms of realisation begin to unfold once unity awareness becomes our status quo.


About Jurgen

Jurgen Ziewe has been following a strict regime of meditation since 1969. In 1973, after a six month stint of intensive meditation for up to five hours a day, he decided to abandon the practice completely, being disappointed with the lack of progress and some negative side effects. Then one day out of the blue, at breakfast, he spontaneously experienced a total dissociation from his body and entered a state of what he described as one of absolute clarity. After this he continued his meditation practice, but now paying homage to the experience with more humility than before. He directly attributes the spontaneous out-of-body experiences that followed for the next forty years, to this powerful experience of consciousness singularity.

Jurgen has spent hundreds of hours, mostly in a super waking awareness in these out-of-body states, which frequently lasted several hours at a time. He soon mapped out what he considered to be the multidimensional reality man inhabits after physical death.

On one of these non-physical excursions he was met by a Chinese Master who put him through an intensive training process in order for him to reach much higher states of consciousness. In 1980, on one of these OBE journeys, he was taken once more into a state of absolute clarity. This and other significant experiences were chronicled in his diaries and later published in his books, “Multidimensional Man” in 2008 and “Vistas of Infinity” in 2015, by which time he had experienced another singularity event on a solitary mountain retreat in 2013, which lead to a continuous state of awakening, later published in his book, “The Ten Minute Moment”. Earlier, in 2017, he experienced a further stage in the awakening process, which made him aware that consciousness keeps on unfolding once it is on the trajectory “home”, with every stage offering new levels of awareness, which cannot be anticipated until realised.

Jurgen sees himself as a reporter not as a teacher. His down-to-earth narrative has attracted the attention from the science community and he has recently contributed a chapter to a science publication entitled, “Consciousness Beyond The Body” by Alexander de Foe, where he explores the nature of nonphysical consciousness, in collaboration with other experiencers.

In his professional life Jurgen worked as a sought after commercial illustrator. In the nineties his OBE inspired computer generated art found its way onto posters of which millions were sold worldwide. This was followed by a book of his then ground breaking computer generated art. More recently he has started work on making his spiritual travel impressions available as Virtual Reality experiences. In one of which, titled “Celestial Song”, he replicated such an experience with the help of composer Craig Pruess who provided the sound track. The work is designed to take viewers into a deep meditative state.




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