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Kenny Swann | Food Fermentation Expert

 Next Event | 6th May 2018 | Bristol

Why Fermented Foods Could Save Your Money And Your Life – Kenny Swann

When Kenny Swann first discovered fermented foods, it ignited a life changing passion in him. Milk kefir is a fermented beverage that has been used all over the world for thousands of years – with outstanding health benefits. It was such a nourishing experience that it prompted him to do a lot of research. Kenny discovered things he could not have imagined until that moment.

In this discussion he outlines the science of fermented superfoods and herbs, but also the spirituality that is often left out in such discussions.


  • Why kefir is one of the most powerful and cost effective superfoods available.
  • Why the enzymes and probiotics in ferments are superior to any supplements you could buy in your local health food store.
  • How to permanently eradicate Candida and other dys-biotic digestive disorders within months or even weeks!
  • How to use exotic cruciferous veggie ferments to safeguard you and your family from xenoestrogens and harmful chemicals in plastic.
  • Often overlooked secrets regarding the “spiritual” nutrition that can be experienced via fermentation and its creation.

Kenny speaks to Jess & Gurds on The UK Natural Health Show on UK Health Radio..


About Kenny

Kenny has been involved in the alternative health movement since 1998 and more recently (since 2013) he has been very keen on the health benefits of fermentation and herbal medicine. This interest inspired him to spawn a now very popular range of fermented foods and drinks under the brand of ‘Excalibur’ which also includes a plant based restaurant in Glastonbury.

In his talks and workshops Kenny highlights not only the scientific and nutritional components of these foods, but also the spiritual and metaphysical effects that occur when people start to work with plants and micro-organisms.



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