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Ladrhyn Bexx | Breathwork & Gong Bath Meditation

Next Event – 2nd April 2017 – London


Experience an ecstatic state of bliss through breathwork, followed by a journey through the soundscapes of sound healing gongs at Gathering Of Minds with Ladrhyn Bexx. Ladrhyn will capture your hearts and mind as you enter into deep states of transformational breathing and sound. 


Bathe yourself in rippling healing tones from three beautiful gongs
Calm your mind and energize your meditative state through guided breathwork
Reduce stress and break-up emotional blockages
A great way to journey home at the end of the evening with an incredible sense of calmness and focus until your next adventure
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About Ladryn
Ladrhyn Bexx is a UK based sound healer located in London and Somerset. He has been exploring consciousness states and healing modalities for over 15 years. Ladrhyn has been practicing mediumship and psychic studies as well as running group events for retreats and inner journeying. Now he is part of the team at PandorSpa in London, helping individuals explore consciousness exploration team and unlimited human potential.
www.PandoraSpa.com (MindSpa London)
www.Ladrhyn.com (to be announced)



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