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Mary Daniels | The Universe Within

Next talk – 28th Jan 2018 – London

Mary Daniels – The Universe Within

“We are the cosmos made conscious and life is the means by which the universe understands itself” Brian Cox

We are curious creatures, in awe of the universe, life, and all of its wonderful twists and turns, and whilst there is still so much ‘out that’ that feels unexplored and undiscovered in many ways we are already experiencing it, right here, right now.

Knowing ourselves is to know consciousness itself, the plants, elements, other beings and beyond. But as cool as that sounds and feels what does that really mean for us first thing in the morning, last thing at night and all those ‘moments’ in between.

How does that knowing help us deal with the realities of living and being, the bills, day to day stresses and concerns? Especially in today’s world, a rollercoaster of power struggles, hope, fear, love, despair, chaos and courage? 


  • Life is the means by which we understand the universe itself.
  • How do we bring the feeling of oneness and consciousness into daily life?
  • What does it really me to know our real ‘selves’?
  • A deep relationship with the self is the doorway to experiencing the universe within

This interactive session/talk will be a ‘real’ conversation around what it means to really know our real ‘selves’ and how this deeper relationship we are having with self is opening up a doorway to this breathtaking experience with the universe within.


Drawing from her own powerful life experiences, passion for permaculture and nature’s living classroom. Mary’s talks and workshops bring an unusual and refreshing cocktail of depth, realness and vulnerability alongside a beautiful lightness and humour.

Described by Princess Badiya of Jordan as “A very inspiring lady” and “A powerhouse destined for greatness” by best selling author Robert Holden, Mary Daniels is a force of nature.

Humanitarian, published Hay House author (“Wild Awakening: 9 Questions that saved my life).” And TEDx Speaker (Confessions of a failed Goodist) Mary naturally inspires others to step up, wake up and walk the courageous path of knowing oneself.  

 Mary’s website: www.marydaniels.co.uk

Mary’s Book:






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