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Next Event: Chris Deojee | Spelling & Sound

Next Event  6th May 2018 | Bristol

The Secrets and Mysteries of Spelling & Sound – Chris Deojee

This mental healing process is a journey into the mysteries of sound. By using the mighty oral tradition and the art of Spelling you will learn the ways we are all tricked in everyday ‘spells’ in the mass media and everyday speech, and what can be done about it. You will also learn a new way to use sound, re-learning what Chris calls Re:Warding Sounds.


  • Learn the secret map of sound that lies in our everyday spells (words)
  • Learn the mysteries of the vowels
  • Be astounded at the everyday spells that reveal a very different world to the one you think you are in
  • This mental process will trigger a part of your mind which, if not already conscious, will become more and more conscious to you, revealing the world of Spells it inhabits, and which surrounds you.
  • The Re:Warding Sounds we do will perform all 3 functions of the spell (word) Ward – come along to find out!


About Chris

Chris Deojee has been transforming minds & relationships for over 10 years through his unique and revolutionary work on Toltec gender, language and social change.  Rooted firmly in the ancient Oral tradition, Chris uses the art of Spelling to deliver what quickly becomes more than a talk.  His sessions morph in to magical mental processes that will surprise, invigorate and arm you with life-changing knowledge and tools, whichever subject he is covering.



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