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Next Event: Jessica Boles | Sound & DNA Activation

Next Event | 6th May 2018 | Bristol

Jessica Boles | Sound & DNA Activation

Jessica will bring through exquisite sounds, soul song and light language, using her voice and instruments. You will be taken on a healing journey where you receive profound shifts re-patterning your DNA. Remembering your sacredness of presence, as you receive, embody and activate more of your true self.

Jessica is well known particularly for connecting with the Dolphin and Whale Song frequencies. The Whales carry the Akasha for all of creation and in Jessica’s dreams the whales have shown her that, their sound is the song of creation, and it is in tune with all of mother nature and the balance of life.

The instruments Jessica uses are Crystal Bowls, Gongs, Tibetan Bowls, Singing Chalices, creating beautiful harmonics to refresh the soul and quieten the mind.


  • Clearing loss of power, to welcome in the infinite abundance of Source          
  • Release of anything that simply no longer serves you
  • Your DNA being re-patterned to connect you with your own flower of life 
  • Enhance your divine blueprint
  • Deep and powerful healing from 16th dimension with the Whale Connections 
  • Embody more love and presence 

About Jessica Boles

I am a gifted songstress and pianist and angelic sound channel and I create a temple space of sound and silence where you will experience incredible sound scapes from Source and Mother Nature. Based in Glastonbury, I have worked both internationally and nationally in the field of sacred sound journeys since 1994.

I am moving more and more into a path of total surrender and trust which involves being in tune with Mother Nature and her rhythm and flow and finding peace within and without.  Having faced and experienced many challenges in this world I am appreciating more and more that it is indeed possible to retrieve the beauty and stillness I felt I had lost during times of despair and that the beauty of Mother Nature and her songs of creation sustain everything and cleanse the soul.  In fact being away from the natural flow too much, I became very sick combined with mercury poisoning and the interference of modern medicine also caused a lot of harm and I have always found that Nature is my only refuge and I rejoice in her grace and divine gardens.  

The music I tap into is from here, created from the womb of creation and mirrored in the cosmos, the oceans of bliss that translate and embrace life in this world and the landscape for our dreams.  The secret is to remember the sacredness of our Earth Song and her tapestries and geometries that literally hold the blueprints of heaven on earth.  This has very much been my learning so far even though I have experienced a traumatic life path and lived through and witnessed abusive situations playing out all around me in my personal life and in humanity, where many have forgotten the gift of being present in the flow of presence in the gardens of bliss and allowing themselves to be this sacred flow within and without.  

My journey seems to have been to experience extreme suffering at times, in order to reach out and bring through and re-connect with the divine musical of Planet Earth, from a greater depth and meaning of heart song for humanity, also includes creating with the many angelic light beings singing these songs and language of light.  This is a presence and a knowing held in the heart, that is very much shared in the Sacred Sound Journeys I bring through and in the musical that is writing itself at this time. I am writing a musical for the planet.  I feel very grateful that this opportunity is opening up for us all more and more, and that we are clearly going home as one.  

It is my intention to receive and share this healing miracle life has to offer through the musical of life expressing itself through sound and song.  I spent much of my life feeling lost and unloved and it is always nature showing me the way and that I can heal through allowing my self to be loved unconditionally and completely in being in myself in this world.  

I look forward to re-establishing my divine connection more deeply through meditation into stillness and through sound. I find sound can be helpful in this respect to clear the mind and bring focus towards being still.  The groups I have taken on sound journeys have profound results and those attending are always shifted into a deeper peaceful state of being and presence.  ​



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