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Nick Barrett Lucid Dreaming

Nick Barrett – Lucid Dreaming Expert & Author

Nick Barrett Next Event 12th April, London 

Lucid Dreaming – “Behind the Looking Glass” Nick Barrett & Dr Rory Mac Sweeney

What is it really like to be aware that you are dreaming, what insights does it hold and what can it teach us about the nature of reality? Join explorers Nick Barrett and Dr Rory Mac Sweeney for a live discussion as they share anecdotal experiences and scientific speculation, to shed light on this elusive state of consciousness.

Topics Covered

      • Lucid dreaming and the evolution of consciousness
      • Re-wiring the subconscious to alleviate fear
      • Lucid Dreaming in a Digital Age
      • After 40 years of laboratory lucid research – what do we know?
      • ‘Living the dream of life’ – integration of lucidity into the waking world
      • Lucid dreaming and the evolution of consciousness
      • Lucid dream technology
      • Lucid dreaming and NDEs Overcoming fears, doubts and blockages to lucidity
      • Waking up in the dream of life – lucid living


Nick Barrett is the author of books ‘Spirit Guided Lucid Dreaming‘ and the ‘Dreamscape Series One‘. Nick is also the producer behind the popular ‘Alwayz Lucid’ website as well as the creator of the Dr. Lucid animation series.

Since Nick was young he has been in close contact with visionary instructional forces that have guided his journey. Nick soon found himself naturally entering the lucid dreaming state with ease at a young age. These early experiences gave Nick a vivid realisation and appreciation of the multi-dimensional universe.

It was through the lucid dreaming state that Nick met his spirit guide. Nick’s regular correspondence with his spirit ally has enabled him to access vital information of how to optimally navigate the dream landscape. Nick has since dedicated himself to dream mastery and self- evolution through lucid dreaming and higher states of consciousness.

His lucid dreaming maxim is: When I’m dreaming, I will know I am dreaming. Nick now dedicates his full time to sharing his knowledge of conscious dreaming with others to help raise global consciousness whilst providing insight into the nature of divine spiritual companionship. To help people master the art of lucid dreaming Nick has created The Unlock Lucidity Program (an online lucid dreaming course), on which he is the lead instructor.

He also works closely with ‘Gathering of Minds’, an organisation that presents monthly conferences featuring well-known and inspirational speakers from the field of well-being and spirituality. Nick is currently conducting regular Lucid Dream & Yoga retreats in Europe.

A profile and introduction to Nick and Lucid Dreaming can be found in the May/June issue of Kindred spirit magazine.


‘The brain needs to express itself in order to heal itself’ Nick Barrett speaks to Jess & Gurds on The UK Natural Health Show on UK Health Radio



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