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Paul Terrell | Harmonious Communication For a Unified World

Next Talk – 2nd April – London


Unity is not globalisation, it is individuals and communities choosing peace, ecological renewal and human rights as the basis for uniting the whole world in a commitment to reason. Cultural and ecological diversity are threatened as is local determination. These are essential for the survival of life on earth.

As we become more cooperative we need also to find a common strategy for communication. Many of us already have the language of the heart and Non Violent Communication in our tool kit. The next step is returning to the circle as the default strategy for listening, sharing, negotiating, planning, consensus decision making and, importantly, conflict resolution.

We have inherited from our indigenous cousins tried and tested circle strategies for sustaining harmonious organisation. We have lost these skills and it is time we started to practice them again.


The need for completely new means of communication and decision making for the new paradigm.
About the skills of the wise ancient ones and indigenous peoples that are relevant to us today.
The two basic and simple tools for harmonious sharing, listening, organising, planning, decision making, conflict resolution and celebrating.
How to find further information and training.

The strategies are simple and accessible and immediately effective even at the first level. Paul has been sharing them with action groups, political parties, businesses and other organisations for the past thirty years with immediate effect.

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About Paul

Paul is the founder of Inversion Therapy a new form of Holistic Yoga Therapy and works full time as a therapist and teacher. As a part of the healing work Paul offers solo concerts of overtone singing and harmonic music, sound journeys and sound healing as well as working with Ravi as The Overtone Choir UK.

Paul  co-founded and ran ‘Acousticality’, an acoustic music club in Devon UK and Winterthur, Switzerland. In 1994 he met and studied with the overtone and gong master, Bernhard Jaeger in Tessin, Switzerland. Since then Paul has been teaching overtone singing as well as performing and recording solo and in collaborations.

About Spirit Fest

Spirit Fest UK was started in 2015 by Indigenous Productions who are Paul Terrell & Ravi Freeman. In 2017 the festival will move to another site in Gloucestershire.

The School of Inversion Therapy: www.inversiontherapy.net
Overtone Song: The Overtone Music Network | https://soundcloud.com/paulterrell
All other info see: www.PaulTerrell.net
Production company for Spirit Fest and other projects is: www.indigenousproductions.weebly.com



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