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We all have the capacity for radical transformation and the cost of awareness is responsibility. The evidence of responsibility is a commitment to personal growth and living life at ‘Cause’ rather than ‘Effect’

The key to enjoy good health and boundless bliss is Balance in your LifeIllness comes from being out of balance. Stay balanced and your Mind will acquire an awesome Power. As the Greek Philosopher Heraclitus once said “You cannot step into the same river twice, because new water is flowing in” Dr Deepak Chopra adds “You cannot step into your same flesh and bones twice, because every second of your existence you are in fact creating a new body”

You are either ‘Inspired’ or Not Inspired’ If you don’t shape your world with Passion, this world will hardly notice you were here.


  • How Self Image is tied to the Belief System
  • How Persistence is what takes an ordinary person of ordinary talent and moulds them into a Champion
  • Find out how Cancer was the ‘Key to Health’ for Philly Alexander and transformed her Life! 

Philly Alexander comes from a background of challenges. She was given away at the age of 3 months and grew up in a family with many secrets and lies. Her foster father died at the early age of 49 leaving a family without a main income and having to scrimp and scrape to keep their heads above water. College or University was not a viable option and at the age of 16 she started on the work ladder as an office assistant for a small company progressing in a very short span of time to the accounts department of a large local corporation. As a young woman in the early 1970’s she found life in a small town very restricting and had a dream of travelling the world and experiencing different cultures.

The only realistic option for her to travel was to join the military and in 1972 she joined the Royal Air Force and trained in Military and Government Communications. Within a year, at the age of 19 she was posted to Cyprus for 2 years and within 3 months of her posting experienced the challenges of a civil war in Cyprus. She met her husband in Cyprus and a year after returning to the UK was married and moved to Scotland where she went back to full time education where she specialised in communications skills.

The dream of travelling the world was now a shared vision and Philly and her husband decided to become Expatriates for 10 years, working in the Middle East and travelling extensively in the Middle and Far East. Both were very successful in their careers, however in the early 1990’s they decided they wanted to start up their own business and returned to Scotland and embark upon their own business within the construction sector where they built a very successful family business.

Philly has always relished a challenge, and in 1994 was introduced to the Network Marketing Industry and fell in love with the idea of ‘People Helping People’ to take control of their lives by building a secondary income stream within a system of support. Over the following years she and her husband, in a part time capacity, have been instrumental in helping many hundreds of people build their own financial asset and opening up new markets within the UK and European marketplace. Philly believes their success is firmly built on the framework of a dedicated Team Spirit within Free Enterprise and has always held fast to the fact that helping someone who seriously wants to make changes in their life and lifestyle remains an unconditional fundamental aspect of the Network Marketing business.

Unfortunately, as for many people in 2007, life took a dramatic turn for Philly Alexander as the country went into a spiralling downward catastrophe. Having made a major investment into a new family business in the construction of luxury homes in Scotland in 2006, the recession and economic meltdown that transpired became a living nightmare and immense struggle for her to keep her head above water with the banks threatening to pull the rug from under her feet. Having spent over 25 years in building traditional businesses, suddenly everything had changed.

The stress finally hit hard and in February 2013 she was diagnosed with breast cancer and after a biopsy it was found that she had invasive lobular cancer which only 10% of women with breast cancer are diagnosed. Suddenly she was facing not just the loss of her business but the potential loss of her life. Philly was then faced with the decision to have a mastectomy and cancer treatment when out of the blue she received some information which completely changed her view with regard to the conventional treatment of chronic diseases. 

Today she is cancer free, not from any conventional medication or treatment, but from researching and implementing her own protocol and this was done within 12 months of her diagnosis. She completely shocked her Medical Cancer Team who still today cannot understand how it was possible for her to do this without any medical intervention.

Having gone from home based business to home based cure, she is healthier than she has ever been and is passionate to share her story and her journey to empower people to understand that the body and mind are extremely powerful if you know how to tap into its magic.



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