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Psychedelic Sound Journey with Infinite Spirit Sounds

Next Event  – 5 Year Anniversary Gathering of Minds

 7th October 2018 | London

Psychedelic Sound Journey – Infinite Spirit Sounds

Psychedelic Sound Journey is created with a 38″ Sun gong & 38″ Earth gong, Tibetan & crystal singing bowls, shamanic drums, steel tongue pan, harmonica, chimes, Shruti box, harp, overtone singing & medicine songs.

The sounds will facilitate your journey within, accompanied by a guided meditation incorporating aspects of the psychedelic experience, such as intention setting, surrender & connecting to your inner healer, as you journey into a heightened state of awareness.

People often find the experience brings emotions & memories to the surface & many report entering a dream-like state and experiencing visions consistent with shamanic journeying


Being guided by frequencies and rhythms, combined with meditative techniques, and journey into enhanced states of consciousness, where healing can occur.

Techniques which are beneficial for the navigation of the psychedelic experience

Heightened states of awareness and gain insight & understanding from within.


About Infinite Spirit Sounds

Psychedelic Sound Journey’ is created by Jamie & Phil from Infinite Spirit Sounds.

Jamie is a qualified sound healer & gong practitioner who has trained with Jill Purce, Sheila Whittaker & the College of Sound Healing. He works with sound & meditative techniques to invoke & facilitate enhanced states of consciousness.

Phil has practiced yoga and meditation since 1971. He has studied in the UK and India in Vedanta and Buddhist philosophy. He is qualified as a yoga teacher through the British Wheel of Yoga and is trained in Pranayama Yoga. He has trained in ‘dreamsong‘ with the Yoga Nidra network.

Phil & Jamie organise regular sound healing & yoga events in London, in association with The Psychedelic Society. They have worked across the U.K & in the Netherlands.

You can find out more about their work & see photos & video from past events @ The Infinite Spirit Sounds Facebook page: www.facebook.com/InfiniteSpiritSounds




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