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Sky Acamesis | Manifest Love & Abundance

Next Session – 10th Sept 2017 – London


Manifesting Love and Abundance; Using the principles of Theta Healing and ‘A Course In Miracles.  

This talk is a deep inquiry into the mastery of miracles, manifestation and the most powerful force in our universe.

Sky Acamesis will be giving a powerfully enlightening talk, at Gathering of Minds 4th Anniversary event, about manifesting health, money, a great career and a better world. ⠀

After years of helping clients and friends to manifest their dreams, Sky has in-depth experience of applying advanced metaphysical principles and making manifestation fast and simple.

Sky will personally share her own as well as other peoples stories, from desiring something to manifesting it into reality.

You will easily see through these stories where you have been going awry in your personal efforts and get back on track.

If you don’t understand the metaphysics of manifestation then you are leaving life to chance!

You will learn
How to Create Miracles and Manifest your Dreams
How to clear blocks to fast manifestation
How to bend time or slow time down
How to create positive feelings and vibrations


About Sky
Sky Acamesis is a Director at Pandora Star, Author, Master Energy Healer, Hypnotist, Channel & Advanced Theta Healer/Practitioner. She has ten years experience helping people transform their relationships, careers, health and emotions.


Sky can assist you with your dreams and desires for better health, improved life balance, loving relationships, successful careers and discovering life’s purpose.

Meetup: Soul Clearing Meetup
Website: www.skyacamesis.com
Email: sky@pandorastar.co.uk
Phone Number: 07506950210



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