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Sonya Sophia – EFT (Emotional Freedome Technique)

Next Event 10th May in London

Tap into Purpose Passion and Power with Sonya Sophia

Awaken and refine your Purpose. Feel more Passion and energy coursing through your body. Learn how to Tap into your True Power!

Sonya Sophia will demonstrate the power you have when you use Tapping (EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques) as she expertly leads you through this highly interactive session.

Come away with obstacles removed, feeling more mental clarity and physical vitality. This is a practical hands on session to empower you to activate and actualize the life of your dreams.

Topics covered –

What Tapping is & how it works

How to eliminate stress, fear & negative thoughts

How to release Self -Sabotage Gain courage, insight, clarity & direction

Create a LIFE you LOVE

Ongoing support – get a free pass for The World Tapping Circle

About Sonya

Sonya Sophia Illig, a gifted empath, master EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) trainer, mother and self proclaimed “Love Activist” has over 25 years of experience in the healing arts.

Sonya Sophia facilitates live healing events for thousands through a weekly online EFT experience called “The World Tapping Circle”. She also facilitates EFT for crowds of “burners” at the annual Burning Man Festival and other summer festivals around the world.

Sonya Sophia gives people a visceral experience of their own capacity for immediate inner transformation and puts them in direct contact with love, laughter and often cleansing tears.

Her workshops and retreats bring physical and emotional healing to tp people world-wide. She is committed heart and soul to helping people evolve and thrive by releasing them from their past conditioning, traumas, fears and limitations.

Thus they are able to more easily discover and activate their true life’s purpose.

As a result of her many years of dedication and service, her students and clients have become powerful examples of love in action who have brought forth unsurpassed strength, compassion and creativity.

Sonya Sophia has been a speaker at the International Alchemy Conference, the Leaders Causing Leaders Conference, and the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles. She has taught EFT workshops and held intensive trainings in America, the UK, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany and Estonia.

Sonya Sophia is the founder of the Sophia School Of Living Arts an online school (coming soon) which will train other EFT practitioners to be able to serve powerfully in the healing of humanity.

To learn more about her work or to contact Sonya Sophia see: www.sonyasophia.us



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