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Tigrilla Gardenia | Plant Consciousness Researcher

Next Talk – 28th Jan 2018 – London

Tigrilla Gardenia, ambassador of Damanhur, will be sharing her research and experiences into the effects of plant music on healing and more, and as a special treat, a mini-music concert with plants.

Using Music of the Plants as her main research tool, Tigrilla is working to reset the matrix between plants and humans. Her research shows that when this connection is strong, plants create music that can heal disease, release chemicals to end depression and create opportunities for unity in dense cities.

Be astounded by what you will learn about interspecies music and true co-creation with the plant world.


Lots of people talk about ‘greening’ their lifestyle and ‘getting back to nature.’ But have you ever thought about this from nature’s perspective? The plant world has never lost its connection with us. We humans are the ones 

who are culpable for the great disconnect between our species, by dominating the plant world instead of co-existing respectfully with it. 

If we listen, plant intelligence provides profound insight into ourselves, and our world. Imagine the power of not just passively being around plants, but truly interacting with them in a way that you can understand.


  • What does a ‘green lifestyle’ mean from the point of view of nature?
  • Plant intelligence speaks many languages, including the language of music, and now you can hear it.
  • Science shows that being around plants, significantly improves our physical, mental and emotional well-being.
  • Doctors and holistic health practitioners alike are researching the effects of the Music of the Plants on human health.


Talk Number Two


Over the millennia, humanity has felt the presence of many different forces all around us, and we have sensed the magnitude of these forces. Smaller fragments of this primeval origin are the nature spirits, which are present in the legends and traditions of many cultures, as inhabitants of the forests, springs and glades.

Humanity has always sought communication with subtle and divine forces. From the mythology of the classical pantheons to the literary depictions of nature spirit kingdoms, these are all manifestations of our desire to relate with these beings and higher intelligences.

In Damanhur, we call the dialogue with these forces “magic.” By the term “Magic,” we don’t mean doing supernatural things or subverting the laws of nature, but rather, knowing how to bring ourselves in harmony with the universal laws of life in all its forms.


  • We share a common, divine ancestor with all the beings in the spiritual ecosystem of the universe.
  • Our role in the cosmic game of evolution is to reunite the different planes of existence by creating alliances.
  • We have the knowledge to manipulate the universal laws of life in all its forms.
  • There is one key ingredient that can reunite the missing pieces, but we need to act fast because there is little time left.

The evolution of humanity is connected to the evolution of all species. Some beings, including humans, are “bridge-forms,” capable of bridging the material plane and spiritual plans. Our role is to reunite different planes of existence by creating alliances, as the same divine nature that permeates both.

So if we have all these capabilities, why have created so much destruction? And what can we do to actively bring us back into harmony? Find out how one community in northern Italy is working against the clock reunite missing pieces of our divine nature.


Fascinated by nature since her earliest memories, Tigrilla Gardenia turned that passion into her vocation. Her journey started in a polyethnic childhood, she studied music and electrical engineering, and entered into the corporate world via RealNetworks and Microsoft, co-owner of a circus, producer of alternative dance events, and a stint touring with the ever-inventive Cirque du Soleil.

As an inspirational speaker, Interspecies Researcher and Ambassador for Damanhur, Federation of Communities, she takes her expertise in electronics, human dynamics and sound and advocates for a greater nature connection and sustainability awareness via plant music and communication.

With her roots firmly planted in the arts and as an international teacher of Kabbalah, she arrived in Damanhur—one of the largest spiritual eco-communities in the world—on a mission to discover what we can learn from the plant world and how they perceive the world. Her journey brought her to the awareness that there is a place where all of us can use our talents to create lasting change.

In order to help everyone find that place, she holds to six personal tenets: follow your passion, find your community, empathize, choose experience over objects, don’t let challenges—personal or otherwise—stand in your way, and turn ideas into action. She believes a world co-created by humans and plants is fundamental for healthy, happy and sustainable living.

Tigrilla Gardenia Interview on Knowledge Nation Radio



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