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Todd Acamesis | Nature And Purpose of Physical Reality

Next Talk – 2nd April 2017 – London


During this talk, I’m going to share my personal out-of-body experiences that show evidence our physical reality could be a sophisticated virtual reality program projected onto a multidimensional space-time “screen” from a parallel world, which is home to more advanced versions of us.

Beyond the illusory boundaries of physical reality, and the human amnesia that keeps the illusion intact – you’ll discover parallel dimensions of reality, which are hyper real in comparison to physical reality…

Its within these spiritual dimensions, you’ll find the source where physical reality is being projected. And its here where you’ll find an advanced version of you – who guides you and looks after you.


Who created physical reality and why?

The ethics and morality of creating virtual realities as learning environments for the developing soul

How your thoughts allow you to change and shape physical reality (teachings from basic mental laws like ‘The Law of Attraction’, to more advanced spiritual laws that allow magic and miracles to manifest will be discussed)

Methods for exploring the spiritual dimensions of reality through Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection

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About Todd
A self-taught astral traveller and near death experience researcher, Todd has been exploring consciousness through altered and expanded states of awareness for more than two decades. After journeying to and exploring the afterlife environments of the spirit world, during more than 800 conscious out-of-body experiences, Todd shares what he’s learned about life after death through talks and workshops.
More recently, he co-developed the ‘PandoraStar Deep Trance Light Machine’ system; a powerful flickering light device that entrains the brain to specific brainwave frequencies for the purpose of triggering exotic states of consciousness, such as lucid dreams and out-of-body experiences.



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