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Tracey Ash

Next Event – 6th Sept – London

Gathering of Minds 1 Year Anniversary Super Event

Bending Time: Who are we? What’s out there? 2014 consciousness- beyond everything we have created so far….



  • SUPER-ENERGY potential and excellence- super-simple approaches and technologies for high frequency living, collaborating and contributing more.
    • Why Earth Power Sites and Ancient Monuments are key in super-speed transformation, rebooting your energy systems and throwing off low frequency stories that limit who we can be
            • See actual film and photo evidence of earth power sites, inter-dimensional realities & intelligence and the super-consciousness that depicts cohesion, a new intelligence for positive self and world change!

We will explore Tracey’s research and findings of film and photographic footage of other realities for super-consciousness living that will create groundbreaking self and world change.

This event will awaken your experience of super-consciousness in simple, high frequency super-energy technologies for super-speed transformation and life changing awareness.

If you are interested in pro-humanity and pro-earth inter-dimensional super-communication and super-transformation, Earth Power Sites that are encrypted in Ancient Wisdom, Energy Orbs, Angels and Entities, UFO’s and super-awakening experiences, then this is for you!


Tracey will explain why super-energy excellence is key in everyday living, in spiritual & transformational approaches and in super-awareness, that allows you to enter, bigger picture, bigger reality that is cohesion, collaboration and contribution.

This is the groundbreaking possibility POST-2012…SUPER-ENERGY…are you in?

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Tracey Ash

Tracey Ash is a Researcher on – Energy Orbs, Inter-dimensional Communication, Earth Power Sites, unique ‘HOW TO’ super-energy & a super-transformation expert, teacher of groundbreaking consciousness potential and awareness.

A World-class transformation catalyst, Business and Life Purpose visionary. Tracey’s limitless energy and pioneering ‘know how’ knowledge ignites passion, purpose and action in people’s lives and worlds.

She is an ancient wisdom traditions initiate and 21-century alchemist. As Director of Psychic School and Life Vision School (UK & Japan), New Consciousness Network (a non-profit global community project), Conscious Retreats (Egypt & Europe) and speaker. Thousands of people have been touched by her incredible ‘how to’ training programmes and tours at major earth power sites throughout the world.

The secrets of brand new possibilities for Super-Purpose, Super-Living, Super-Energy and super-accelerated transformation and awakening for the 21 century.

These secrets offer simple, super-energy approaches for fast tracking awareness and incredible abundance and magic moment by moment.

These secrets power super-energy levels to change your life, your stories and possibilities to enter the bigger picture of life.

Tracey’s super-energy alchemy transforms the frequencies that unlock your stories and dreams. Forget vision boards and wish lists– these groundbreaking approaches transform and manifest change fast!

Since 1999, Tracey has offered more than 12,000 Life Vision consultations to conscious individuals and thought-leaders all over the world. Life Vision consultations and training inspire greater living, super-purpose, and unsurpassed potential- unlocking monumental super-energy transformation and awakening to  be the super-change in the times we live in!

TV and Media includes: The Guardian, The Evening Standard, Kindred Spirit, C4 Cutting Edge, The Daily Express, The Daily Mirror, Star People (Natural Spirit Japan), PSI Journal Japan, Radio 4.

Tracey’s work attracts visionaries of change – individuals who are committed to superb self-work and positive contribution.

Those who are seeking groundbreaking transformational technologies to lay down new pro-world and pro-humanity structures, whether by changing the game plan of how to parent their children, or by choosing to finally be loved and loving, or by pioneering urgent world change beyond any limiting story.

No vision is more or less important.

All concretely ignites new, positive change. Tracey’s clients range from magnificent girl next door, to movie star. Often, her clients are seeking that all important transformational breakthrough or super-upgrade that unlocks the power to ignite breathtaking life and world change.Tracey’s journeys and programmes to major Earth power sites- set against changing political backdrops and urgent environmental issues – inspire change and ignite healing in the people she works with.

These earth power sites provide perfect doorways into new super-transformation and super-energy possibilities and planetary transformation, especially when working together for peace.

Earth power site journeys include – Egypt (Giza and Valley of Kings), Japan (Mount Fuji), UK (Glastonbury), Greece (Corfu- St. Michael and Apollo Axis)At these doorways, Tracey films and photographs incredible new super-energy possibilities that can now be anchored for living everyday unlike any other time in recorded history.

An archive of world-class footage of super-energy orbs and inter-dimensions has emerged alongside groundbreaking training programmes that upgrade super-awakening and super-transformation.

Super-energy and super-time then is ignited and that changes all possibilities for a very different world reality.

Max Eames (former President of College of Psychic Studies) confirmed Tracey’s research as “the best photographic and film material I have ever seen.” This research has led her to become an honorary member of PSI Japan (a group of imminent Japanese researchers that includes Dr Emoto, leading university professors and NASA scientists).

Tracey’s Peace Project is an initiative created to connect conscious communities and individuals to work together in a vision of peace and healing. Her Mount Fuji World Peace Gathering Project in 2014 brings more than 120 individuals of change together. This is now a regular annual event.

Her Peace Project brought to Mind Body Spirit Festival London 2013 was a 100% UNICEF fundraising event for children affected by war in Syria.

Tracey currently lives in the UK and teaches her own uniquely designed training programmes in London and overseas.  Her client base continues to expand internationally- the coming year will see her facilitating transformational group experiences on three continents.

As a mother of two, she is deeply committed to positive change and igniting it within others from all walks of life, inspired by a belief in the possibilities of unlimited tomorrow based in the peace unlimited transformation and awakening brings today.


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