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Vaz Sriharan – London College of Spirituality Founder

Vaz Sriharan next event – 12th April – London

A Spiritual Journey: Awakening Soul Love

In this talk Vaz will speak openly about his journey from 15 years of depression, alcoholism to creating the world’s largest spiritual meetup with over 10,000 members.

The spiritual journey is an ongoing journey of integration (self-love) yet key spiritual principles can greatly assist us on the journey.

Vaz will share wisdoms, tools relating to

  • Light & Dark side
  • The role of Synchronicity and Guidance
  • The ultimate energies of Faith & Surrender.

Vaz will also share insights into the collective consciousness and where we may be heading as a species. 

About Vaz Sriharan

Vaz Sriharan is founder of the London College of Spirituality, a grassroots organisation offering Talks, Workshops, Retreats. He runs workshops in London, written Infinite Being and facilitates retreats around the world.

Vaz has been open to higher realms since a child and after many years of depression began to explore his spirituality deeper. He is passionate about working together to bring harmony for people and planet.   





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