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Victoria Hancher

VICTORIA HANCHER – Ayahuasca Talk – 6th Dec

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Ayahuasca the psychotropic sacred Shamanic plant is becoming increasingly popular not only in the South Americas, but also in the Western World.

Ayahuasca is used ceremonially to remind us of our connection to ‘ Pacha Mama’ – Mother Earth, helping heal physically mentally and spiritually.

In this talk, we will look at how Ayahuasca bridges the gap between the academic/scientific western World and Ancient Indigenous Tribes

Victoria speaks about her personal experiences with this medicine, her experiences in Peru & Columbia and also how her personal perception of Life has been changed due to the Sacred teachings from this tropical vine.


  • What Ayahuascha is and where it comes from
  • How Ayahuascha can heal you physically, mentally and spiritually
  • How you can become more connected to your path and the Planet

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me & kashinawaVictoria Hancher is an experienced advocate in the use of plant medicine for physical, mental, and spiritual healing. Over the last four years Victoria has dedicated herself to the pursuit of knowledge, understanding, education and community-building within the area of natural healing and personal development.

Originally trained as a holistic therapist in 2006 covering areas including aromatherapy, reflexology, sports massage and nutrition, in 2010 Victoria began investigating health within a wider spiritual, social and political context. Her journey accelerated when she discovered the Truth Juice network, attending weekly talks in Wales before setting up Truth Juice Birmingham herself in 2011.

Truth Juice host talks on subjects as wide ranging as – free energy, common law, meditation and geopolitical issues. Through this Victoria built a strong local and national network of knowledge seekers, activists, researchers and campaigners, working alongside prominent figures including Dr Emoto Masuru, Alex Jones, David Icke, Santos Benacci, Ben Stewart, Dr Judy Wood, Ian Crane and Jon Witterick as well as assisting a wide rosta of then unknown speakers to national and international prominence.

Victoria also took her educational capacity to the festival circuit, facilitating a number of festivals and festival talk tents such as Truth Juice Festival, Tribal Love Cooperative Festival, Bilderberg Fringe Festival, Unity Gathering, Heart of the East, Passing Clouds Arts Centre in London, Avalon Rising at Green Gathering, Sunrise Festival and Revolution Bunker at Secret Garden Party. Victoria also has supported numerous campaign activities, in particular truth and political transparency, constitutional reform, environmental, health and indigenous people’s protection groups.

During this time Victoria was introduced to information on the healing powers of Ayahuasca through one of the speakers at a Truth Juice event. The experience of attending her first ceremony was a catalyst for personal transformation and growth. This began her journey of exploration into the sacred teaching plants and the power/ purpose of ceremony.

Inspired to travel to Columbia in 2012 to attend a two week shamanic sound medicine retreat where she visited sacred indigenous lands participating in indigenous ceremonies. This gave her a new understanding of the role of music in ceremony and helped integrate the knowledge she already had about vibrational therapy with ancient practices.

Following this in 2013 Victoria continued her travels in Peru in order to further explore Ayahuasca within its natural setting. Since her return she has participated/assisted in over 40 plant medicine ceremonies in Europe as well as being active at talks and conferences including Breaking Conventions in 2012 and the Ayahuasca World Conference in Ibiza in 2014, attended by leading plant medicine researchers, scientists and practitioners from around the world. So as to keep in touch with the world academic view on all sacred plant medicines as this is defiantly a subject that is growing in popularity all over the world but especially in Europe.

Recently Victoria has utilised her knowledge and experience as a project manager for the World Transition Trust, organising conferences and delegations on natural health innovation for developing African countries. Her overriding objective is to develop and support sustainable alternatives to the pharmaceutical drug industry within healthcare and in particular educating people on the huge contribution of plant medicine towards the emotional, mental and physical healing of people to enable the necessary social transformation of the planet.

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