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The Zen Sisters – YoGodessey

Next Event  – 5 Year Anniversary Gathering of Minds

 7th October 2018 | London

YoGodessey – The Zen Sisters

We are really excited to be bringing YoGodessey to Gathering of Minds on the 7th October 2018

YoGodessey is a brand new class we have created that combines many of the practices we love. You can think of it as a tribal celebration of life expressed through yoga, dance, and sound. Connect to your inner god-goddess through your body and feel yourself fill with love sensations and high vibrations as we journey together into bliss.

After celebrating with us you may feel…

A release of blocked energy

Feelings of joy and lightness

A deeper connection to yourself and others

A sense of home – LOVE

A bridge between your masculine and feminine sides

A huge smile on your face 😊

About The Zen Sisters

We are two sisters on one mission. To be love and empower others to be their own source of love, because we know how this practice, an ever-evolving journey towards our soul-selves, changes life into a magical playground, rich in contentment and peace.

It’s not always been so light-filled, we have both been on our own inner journeys. Yet born from the darker periods in our lives, from being vulnerable enough to open to the vastness of ourselves, we have concluded both as individuals and together that love awakens within after remembering who we are at a soul level. We are the love we seek. We are rich beyond what we are capable sometimes to imagine. Yet with a consistent will to try, and ultimately to surrender to what is, love is there for us all to awaken to in every moment.

We made the move to Ibiza in March this year to grow roots, a community and to share our passions within that. The becoming of a life-long dream is pouring forth to fruition. We both left the ‘security’ of our full-time jobs over two years ago to pursue something bigger to follow the calling of our souls on what we felt to be our true path. It was a scary move on a human level, but we knew all too well of the falsities of fear and moved as gracefully as we could above and beyond, staying centered in our heart spaces and trusting the path that was unfolding before us. Since then, life has taken a gigantic turn towards fulfilling our soul’s purpose daily and it feels sensational to finally be living our sacred purpose. All in divine timing.


We have created a hub of love where we offer moments for nourishment, replenishment, and sacred self-care. Offering our knowledge, wisdom, and presence here in this paradise of Ibiza to help further you on your journey towards a deeper love.

We host:

  • Zen Holidays (Bed, Breakfast, and Yoga)
  • 5-day Self-Love Retreats
  • Long weekend detox breaks

Each one encompassing all the things we love and cherish – Yoga, Meditation, Dance, Self-Love Workshops, Massage, Vegan Food, Juices & Smoothies and other treats to pleasure your many senses.


Read some of our BLOGS: https://wordpress.com/view/letlovehealtheway.wordpress.com

Follow us on: FACEBOOK Community Page: Let Love Heal the Way (@thezensisters) and via INSTAGRAM @thezen_sisters. Where we share our day to day journeys, inspirational posts and all that we are doing on our

Until the 7th…… Keep it simple and love yourself a little bit more ❤

Love and hugs

Cami & Ness x



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