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Clive de Carle

Born in England in 1954, Clive was taught energy healing in his early
twenties and later studied hypnosis and nutrition, longevity and
spontaneous remission. Clive has been an entrepreneur, spent 15 years
working in ophthalmic optics, ran an organic farm, a lie detector company,
a car import business, appeared on Top gear and ran The Solutions Clinic
until 2011. He still advises clients on health and longevity when time

These days Clive teaches seminars and gives talks as well as hosting The
Health Revolution and often speaks at health conferences, on the radio and
TV. Youtube; Clive de Carle or The Health Revolution to see his work.

Clive is the co-founder of Ancient Purity and researches the leading edge
health developments and cures worldwide.

At eleven years of age Clive experienced interspecies telepathy (with
fish!) and at fifteen had a near death experience, both events being life
changing and informative. At fifteen he also had the profound realisation
after watching a bbc horizon programme about type 1 diabetes that he would
be diabetic later in life.

In his thirties, having enjoyed pretty much perfect health, his health
deteriorated after a course of antibiotics prescribed for a skin issue.
Working, walking and simple actions rapidly became impossible and soon he
was in hospital being monitored day and night for weeks as his health
deteriorated. He had developed crippling arthritis, the type 1 diabetes he
had realised 20 years before and appeared to have a tropical disease. The
doctors eventually failed to find the cause or a cure and offered drugs and
surgery which he refused.

He consulted with a very young Patrick Holford who explained that he simply
had a nutrient deficiency and after a course of supplementation the
arthritis reversed and disappeared. Shortly after this his father’s best
friend recovered from terminal cancer using high dose vitamin C, further
reinforcing Clive’s growing realisation that the knowledge needed to find a
return to health is best found from people who actually study health rather
than doctors who do not study it and know almost nothing about nutrition at
any meaningful level.

This experience led Clive to decide to do the work he does today and
thankfully many others have now experienced a return to health as a result.



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