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Speaking your Truth (Written whilst working with the energy of Archangel Gabriel)

Candi | Time 2 Heal

It is becoming increasingly necessary to speak your Truths. This is, to be honest and authentic about what exists in your inner worlds. We are no longer coming into a season whereby darkness overshadows everything; we are blossoming anew, embracing our light. So speak your truths, speak the unspeakable, the previously unthinkable, go forth and begin to share more of you. 

Many expectations have even been placed on communication. Even how we communicate has been conditioned and squeezed and squashed into a tiny container. We ask questions with no concern about hearing the answers. We communicate with others whilst imposing a projection of how we would like them to respond and react. We are trying to meet each other, but we miss each other all the while.

It has become uneasy, to be and flow from your heart. This has become difficult. We have been covered with characters and personas, and now struggle to know what it is that we feel. We have broken the connection between our physical and non-physical realms, in our silence. Now, we do not just mean with speaking, it is your action too. The cricket games 2017 symbolism speaks of ‘being, doing and having’ as being the three components of manifesting anything. And what is manifesting? Why it is the external representations of what we have conjured up inside. Therefore, it is how we create matter from the invisible vibrations that rest inside.

Communication is having a relationship with something; it is relating with an object or thing in a partnership, it is co-creating at its very best. Abraham teaches on the subject of ‘Deliberately Creating’ (in The Essentials of Law of Attraction). Abraham teaches how we can come to a place whereby we are creating exactly what we want, rather than unconsciously attracting what we do not want. And although this is simple, it is extremely profound. This speaks of certainty, being sure about what rests in your centre and being able to consciously bring more awareness, just by bringing what is in the dark into the light. What was once invisible becomes visible. And since all that surrounds us is physical, even our human bodies, it is important that we create balance between our inner and outer worlds, but not just any type of balance, authentic balance. 

Being more authentic

To be more authentic, one must go inward, must first begin to be authentic with themselves, one must not be ashamed of who they are, but able to meet their own inner world and love and accept all that exists within it. This is a process. Often we will say speak your Truth, without considering the weight that it carries. Speaking your truth requires confidence and courage, it is revealing the deepest and most hidden parts of you, who you are in each and every single moment. Without acceptance for yourself, this will be very difficult to do. So we invite to partake on the process of self-love. We invite you to be fully present with yourself, whilst having the intention that you will love yourself unconditionally no matter what arises from your core. Love, is what we all crave but are not always ready to give. Start with giving, giving what you crave to yourself, this is the most pinnacle act of love which once explored will naturally be expressed with others and returned as balance. 


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