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Starseeds and Clairempaths Living in Cities Especially.

Divinityinlove |
It is very important for people with psychic nature to acknowledge our personality’s automatic behaviour, so that we can treat our health with our vitally required awareness and attention.
So that we can clear and cleanse our energy and check in to parts of us, which whether ignored, unacknowledged or neglected WILL be subconsciously active regardless, and affect our happiness and well being.
It’s especially important for psychic empaths to develop conscious awareness of their own feelings, as individual to their journey and separate from other unique beings’ feelings and suitable energetic resonance.
This means, if you often feel confused as though you have no circumstance or event to assign your feelings and emotions to, it’s quite possible that you may be either receiving collective energies in motion from a community you’re psychologically/empathically/emotionally caring for/connected to such as a group, or even general society.
For instance, if there is an event which becomes global news, you may become overwhelmed with emotion and this change in our world views such as political elections or global crisis or disasters can lead to an aftermath of feelings which may remain subconscious and still affect you for days and weeks.
As we know, (for reasons off the track of this article) most of our globally discussed news is shared with negative focus so as a psychic empath, it is necessary to intentionally focus on positive global news with your own initiative and perhaps use the internet as a resource to aid your awareness of kind, good intended actions which individuals and groups around the world are spreading, which are abundant in our generation of spiritual seekers.
With regard to more personal situations, such as influence of friends or more significantly romantic relationships and dating, it is without a mistake, more important than can be asserted with a few words in this article, to choose wisely and discern your choices of loyalty, who you spend your attention and time with, who you share your energy with and especially, who you combine your intimacy with, needless to say this is most valid for careful consideration when it comes to physical exchanges of sexual interaction.
I myself, have tons of experience to refer to and am STILL working out kinks now due to negligent or ignorant choices of the past in partners, which is how I came to an awareness of such importance to share my passion for this subject here, and many empaths will relate to this… having unconsciously carried another person’s emotional baggage in my energy body for years as a life devastating aftermath of a short lived but deeply traumatising and unhealthy “relationship”.
The format of the word ‘Relationship’ is due to the questionable validity of a longterm exchange which may have very well been unwarranted in the first place, because of an unconscious reason which caused and continued the longterm exchange which may have created suffering in an empath who’s natural instincts, tend to draw us towards people with psychological illnesses and toxicity with an unacknowledged will to provide healing, used without discernment and leading us through confusing and most often very destructive, ongoing situations with someone more unconscious than we were the whole time, leaving us without longer lasting impact of damage to heal for ourselves.
So, is it worth negligence? Do you want to manifest chronic illness for years as a consequence of a short term fling or badly aimed relationship attempt? Most, probably all Mature empaths who’ve learned the hard way would answer, No! and without hesitation.
The more intimate you are with another soul or being, the more you become one with their energy and as an empath, this process of connection occurs almost instantaneously with exponentially multiplying dimensional depth along only a period of months, which can unveil centuries worth of energetic bonding, if progressing between TWO psychically open humans… which makes this dynamic in romantic situations very dangerous if not acted on with precaution.
Need I say, if you’re an empathic individual and feel drawn to another with similar qualities in a spiritual community, common naivety will create assumption that this connection will be safer or more easy than an open minded/hearted person in having relations with someone who is totally oblivious to conscious energy alteration.
No, two consciously energetically manipulating individuals bonding is bound to create a far more chemically intense, rich and therefore powerful potion when stirring up the chemistry and juices between you, and if this magic is not used with wisdom and just impulsively, addictively or compulsively direction in any direction of subconscious or unconscious habit, it will undeniably cause an intensification of those shadows where the combined sacral and solar plexus energies are being activated.
When conscious lovers use this energy with heart centered awareness, this is the most powerful healing tonic, when used without conscious focus, it is the most devastating force on the human bodies and psyches most closely involved, that’s you.
Not only does this karmically create harmful counter-affects to the affection you may have desired in ignoring overlooked shadows in your choice of partner, or yourself, not only does this amplify the shadows tucked under the carpet until they become too big to hide anymore, but this can have a ripple affect out to others around you both, which causes others who are positively focused to be repelled and could attract others resonating with those shadows instead… so any shadows, fears, doubts about a partner which you tucked away will be loud, in your face and quite aggressively showing up in your reality when as an empath, you may neglect to choose and have awareness of responsibility for your own power as an energetically sensitive being.
Do you want to be HEALTHY? recognise your innate natural behaviours, as even if you are not paying attention to it, your mind and body accumulate energies which could be carried into your future decisions and polluting your creations until addressed and released to the rightful owner.
If it is NOT YOURS, don’t carry it. You don’t need to collect and carry around trash from everyone’s house or store you visit. Can you imagine? Many of us empaths are living with this junk in our own homes/bodies.
Not knowing this is happening creates toxicity and clogging of heavy weight we may feel drowned under and it’s as easy as regular attention to your nature, your heart and truth which will help you stay perpetually clean in your feelings.
Clean, clear, feeling fresh and far more easily manifesting repeated happiness into your daily experiences.”

Written by Divinityinlove

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