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State of the Heart – Heart Centered T-Shirt Review

State of the Heart make wonderful t-shirts in various designs and colours that are embezzled with simple messages and affirmations that are designed to help raise the vibration the person wearing the item in question.  We’ve probably all seen these types of gimmicky t -shirts before right?  So nothing special here then I hear you say!?..

However here’s where State of the Heart differ.  Each of the hand crafted t-shirts are created from ethically sourced, high quality materials.

Not only that, to help raise the frequency of the individual person wearing the garment State of the Heart infuse elements of 22ct gold, pure silver, copper and crushed Amethyst, which are known for their conscious heightening and healing properties.

So the idea here is to start your day with a super charged affirmation that is strengthened by the actual t-shirt itself.  Brilliant!! I couldn’t wait to receive my t-shirt and give it a try.  As a pregnant – soon to be expecting mother who’s hormones are constantly in a state of red alert – anything that could help ground me and keep me feeling positive was very welcome.

When I received my t-shirt the first thing that struck me was how beautifully soft it was.  It was so well made I couldn’t wait to try it on. The affirmation on my particular t-shirt read ‘JOY’ in beautiful silver letters.  Very fitting in light of the bundle of joy that’s in the post and heading rapidly towards me!

I wanted to see how the t shirt would make me feel, being pregnant you can feel a range of emotions, so each time I wore it was when I felt I could do with a pick me up of energy.

Each time I wore the t-shirt the result was the same. Within a short time I felt like I had more energy. This made me feel really happy!

This happens every time I wear it.

I wore the t-shirt to my fortnightly meditation session and can honestly say that I immediately felt a sense of grounding. During the guided Reiki meditation I had the most profound visuals and realizations.

The State of Heart range includes options for both men, women and children and come in various designs, colours and affirmations and you can find out more information and order here.




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