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Super Full Moon in Taurus – 26th – 27th October 2015 – Indulge Your Senses


We are having Full Moon in Taurus from the evening Monday 26th October until the early hours of Tuesday, October 27th at 12:05pm Universal Time. It is a Super Moon which is when a Full Moon is closer to the Earth than normal in its elliptical orbit.

Full Moons are the peak of the Moon cycle, as this is when the light of the Sun completely fills the Moon and marks the beginning of the following 2 week period when the light starts fading. This is known as the waning phase. Symbolically, because this is when the light begins to recede, this represents a time of release. Full Moons are generally the most intense and lively time of the Moon cycle.

The astrological themes for each Full Moon can start to be felt in the week leading up to it. The events and circumstances that occur in our lives on the exact day usually challenge us. The Sun and Moon are opposite each other, so whatever signs they are in will most strongly influence the themes.

The Sun is associated with our Ego needs and the Moon is associated with our Emotional needs.

Just like the New Moon, you can also have intentions for the Full Moon, with the difference being that for this phase your intentions should be associated with some sort of release or need for change. If you have been feeling that there is something to let go of, then use this period for the most powerful effect. You can also use Full Moons to begin a cleanse or detox. (Read more about intentions and detoxing at the bottom of the article.)

Sometimes the events and circumstances that happen to us around the Full Moon will create an awareness within ourselves that we need to change or let go of something. However, this is not always the case. Some Full Moon circumstances might just help you bring something to your awareness to help you make better choices.

Sun in Scorpio Opposite Moon in Taurus

Full Moons are a time where you can feel challenged by the energy of two opposite signs. In this case it is the polarity of Scorpio and Taurus.

tauTaurus is an Earth sign ruled by Venus. It is associated with material and sensual pleasures as well as money. It is a very practical sign that is slow, thorough, and determined. Like Aries, it is more oriented around the ‘self’ in comparison to the other 10 signs. Taurus is mostly concerned with its own material, sensual, and financial needs, as well as its personal values and sense of self-worth.

Scorpio shares the same themes, except instead of being self-oriented, it is more relationship-oriented. It is traditionally ruled by Mars, in which passion is expressed over pleasure (Venus). It is concerned with shared values, shared resources, shared intimacy/sexuality, and the worth of a relationship.

Taurus likes everything to be beautiful and pleasurable while Scorpio is more willing to look at and embrace the ugly side of life, even if it means treading in fears and insecurities. Taurus sees what’s on the surface while Scorpio sees what’s underneath. The overlying theme of this Full Moon is a push, pull, and balance of these energies with an emphasis on Taurus.

Neptune in Pisces is Sextile the Full Moon, Saturn Involved

Neptune is the only planet forming a major aspect to this Full Moon, adding its flavor in a harmonious way. Like Taurus, Neptune is creative, but in this case it comes from a strong imagination, psychic receptivity, and connection to spirit.  Neptune likes to escape the mundane world and Taurus is always up for a good reason to avoid anything unpleasurable.

Saturn is also at play here, forming a quincunx to this Full Moon and square to Neptune. This demonstrates potential confusion and/or frustration between reality and illusion.

Venus in Virgo Conjunct Mars, Jupiter and Opposite Chiron

Since the Full Moon is in Taurus, it is ruled by Venus, which is right in between Mars and Jupiter in the sign of Virgo. Mars is active, Jupiter is expansive, and Virgo is about what we devote ourselves to. It can be a little overwhelming.

Mars will be at the same spot as the last Solar Eclipse we had on September 13th. You might find that the themes of this Full Moon will have a strong connection with the themes of this last Eclipse, which is still affecting us. It can be associated with any recent or upcoming new beginnings around work, duties, the routines in our lives, and so on. You can read more about it here.

The opposition to Chiron can represent a blockage that we need to overcome in order to manifest the results we desire. It can be related to a trauma we are carrying from the past that we need to heal from, which can manifest in our lives as negative patterns preventing us from fulfilling our duties.

Things To Do For This Full Moon

If there is anything that you feel you need to release from your life, make that intention sometime after the first 24 hours after the exact Full Moon. (Click here to see for your time zone.)

This is a good time to take a look at what changes you need to make in order to strike an appropriate balance between your personal needs and values with the shared values and needs between you and others. It is a good time
to do anything that stimulates the senses and to enjoy what the material world has to offer.

During Full Moons and throughout the following week, it is a good time to start (or take action towards starting) a cleanse or detox. Taurus rules the thyroid, so it would be good to take products that help to cleanse and strengthen this gland. Kelp and iodine are highly recommended for this but there are also other products and approaches.

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