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Survival on credit: how to break free

Survival on Credit: How to break free

We live in a society that depends on credit cards, loans and overdrafts.

What does all this mean in the reality outside of the matrix conformity?!

By living on credit from any source, we are escaping aspects of our reality that we cannot accept.

We cannot accept not going out at the weekend, treating ourselves to a take away, meal out, new clothes, buying a present for someone or simply getting that new car or going on holiday.

Credit allows for opportunities we wouldn’t necessarily have the means to do.

Opportunities that give us new and exciting experiences in life. What can be wrong with this?

I get it, it helps those who actually are struggling to feed their family. But, it still highlights a fact of find solutions and sort it out! Simple!

We need to learn about how to survive without credit. Live within our means. When we stop chasing greed in any form different opportunities open up for us, which are blessings by the universe. Not a blessing from material worth or desires.

This month I have used my credit card to survive to attend work and eat. It has made me happy because it has given me access to get to and from work.  The other side of me is sad because I have money to pay back which will come out of the wages I have been earning. Does this make sense?

If I thought smart about employment, thought about how much money do I actually need to survive on, how much do I need each month to live and do things I enjoy.

Would it change?

If I evaluate this, I would of taken two weeks work on rather than a months. I would find myself £200 better off on my credit card and £200 more rich at the end of the month. Less stress, no pressure and more money to enjoy living life.

We all may not have this choice but I have a responsibility for my happiness so I changed my reality and lifestyle so I can have these choices.

It may seem like a step backwards to rip up that credit card and stop applying for loans. But, if you can actually sit down, work out your expenditure, see where you can cut down on spending you would be happier. Managing your money is managing a big aspect in your life.

Every business has a manager, its essential for that business survival.

Get in the motion of giving, give people time, space and strangers friendship. Watch the universe support you and provide you with rich opportunities in life.

The intention is love not greed to have more than you actually need to survive.

Think smart and live smart. Respect yourself, home and family life and manage your finances.

Get on top don’t stay on the bottom, being pushed down further.

Stay a float and don’t drown! The universe is the buoyancy aid.

Thank you

Kaysen Xx

About The Author

As a Healer and Teacher I have a desire and passion to help and inspire people to make positive changes in their lives to be healthy and happy.

Experiencing a colourful life and loosing both parents to cancer spiralled a journey of discovery in the deeper meaning of life. In November 2014 I ventured to the Amazon Rainforest and spent 20 days with an Indigenous Tribe, which connected me home, to mother earth.

My journey so far has been incredible; all of my experiences empower me daily to be the happiest women on earth and to share the love and light with you all.

Read my messages with an open heart and receive healing from a voice that lays within you.
Love Kaysen @ Pura Aura

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