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5 Mindblowing Facts about Ayahuasca

Jeanae White | This sacred South American medicinal tea contains the potent psychedelic chemical N,N-dimethlytryptaime (DMT) induces intense visions, introspection, and mystical experiences. The entire ayahuasca experience lasts for approximately 8 hours, often accompanied by vomiting and occasionally diarrhoea, which the natives call ‘la purga’ (the purge).  This purging process is medically beneficial, as it clears the body of built up emotional trauma, worms ...

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Chemical Found In Ayahuasca May Be Able To Completely Reverse Diabetes

By Arjun Walia Diabetes currently affects hundreds of millions of people worldwide. In America alone, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that number to be approximately 20 million. Potential cures and methods to reverse the disease are showing some promising results, and one of them is a chemical that’s commonly found in a number of plants around the world. ...

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