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Guided Reiki Mediation with Grandmaster Teacher Mohan (All Levels Welcome)

We will be doing a guided meditation that intends to empower the 5 elements of the body/aura and thus empowering areas in our life that need it right now. We start by setting an intention - something you want to let go of or attract more or. Mohan will guided us gently into a deep meditation. reikimeditationThese meditations are empowering meditations designed to clean and repair the aura. Mohan sends Reiki energy to the participants during the meditation. During the meditation you may feel sensations, itches, twitching in the body. You may have visions or clarity about something. After the meditation, Mohan will unravel your experience so that you can understand what happened to you in the process and what that means. Mohan reads Aura's also, so he can quickly pin point what you need to work on in the body and where you have trapped energies. ENHANCE YOURSELF

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