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Lucid Dreaming – “Behind the Looking Glass” with Nick Barrett and Dr Rory Mac Sweeney Plus A Spiritual Journey: Awakening Soul Love – Vaz Sriharan (London College of Spirituality)

Join us at our 3rd event of the year, where we will be taking an in depth look at Lucid Dreaming. We'll be welcoming back by popular demand to GOM, Lucid Dreaming Guru, Nick Barrett. Those of you who've seen Nick at our events before will know how much knowledge Nick has on this subject. We are very excited about this event. Joining Nick will the the 'Dream Warrior' Dr Rory Mac Sweeney. Rory is an expert in the field of Lucid Dreaming and has pioneered the art of Tai Chi being practised in a Lucid Dream. Dr Rory Mac Sweeney has been featured in many magazines and interviews worldwide and is making his debut appearance at GOM. Vaz Sriharan will speak openly about his journey from 15 years of depression, alcoholism to creating the world’s largest spiritual meetup with over 10,000 members - London College of Spirituality. Not to be missed!

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How to do Lucid Dreaming!

OK, so by now you probably know what Lucid Dreaming is BUT what is the best, natural and quickest way in inducing it? Over the years I have been trying all kinds of weird and wonderful ways in inducing this state… and have had luck in many different ways. The fact of the matter is there is no definite ‘one way solution’ ...

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