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Consciousness Expanding Talks, Yoga, Meditation, Sound and more!

STARSEEDS AND THE 5D ASCENDING TIMELINE: How to Move From 3D Chaos-Toxicity to 5D Flow-Miracles - Steve Nobel If you are waking up or feel you are waking up it is important to energetically release the old paradigm of control, fear and manipulation and anchor on a new 5D ascending timeline. Only in 5D consciousness can we experience flow, synchronicity and miracles. How to attract unlimited abundance everyday – Simone Vincenzi If you want to attract unlimited abundance and the law of attraction, meditation and visualisation did not work in a sustainable way, you are going to love this workshop. If you are tired of struggles and you are ready to step into the unlimited abundance designed for your from the Universe, by applying the tools you will learn, you will be able to tune into the most abundant version of yourself, so you can be fulfilled, happy and on purpose, every single day of your life. Conscious Nutrition For The Evolving Soul! Plus Raw Food Demo - Juliette Bryant Juliette Bryant has spent decades exploring the links between nutrition and health and in this talk explores the vital role that food has in supporting change and growth in all aspects of our lives. Juliette will show that if we begin to get in touch with our bodies we can hear exactly what we need to thrive, exploring the power of superfoods, herbs, the body-brain relationship and nutritional solutions to common ailments. Be inspired to be the best that you can be through conscious nutrition.

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