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Beating the flu naturally!

Tete Munalula | I managed to successfully fight off a nasty viral infection last month using natural remedies. The drop in temperature, not enough rest and stresses at work left me with a weak immune system. I felt horrendous and suffered from headaches, fever and chills, throat ache, dizziness, muscle ache, earache, runny nose, nausea, exhaustion and weakness. I haven’t ...

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Black seed oil…”a cure for all diseases except death”

Nigella Sativa is an annual flowering plant native to India, Egypt, the Middle East and some of South West Asia. Pale blue and white in colour, the fruit inside contains the seeds which are used for cooking. The name nigella is derivative of the latin “niger” meaning black and sativa from the latin term meaning “sown” or “cultivated”. Bitter and ...

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I cured my Endometriosis & PCOST Naturally! Interview with Tete Munalula on UK Natural Health show

After the popularity of Tete’s article a few weeks back, it made me think that maybe there are lots of women out there looking for answers to cure the condition for themselves. Tete wrote an amazing article detailing how she went from being depressed, fatigued and in a lot of pain, to finally finding a cure. The amazing thing was, ...

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