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Learn From Other Worlds

If you love the cosmos, plants, nature and music, you will savor this event with Tigrilla Gardenia, Interspecies Researcher and Ambassador of Damanhur, prized spiritual eco-community in northern Italy, Mary Daniels, Hay House Author and award winning Wild Woman and Alexandra Wenman, multidimensional plant communicator and holistic therapist. Tigrilla Gardenia, ambassador of Damanhur, will be sharing her research and experiences into the effects of plant music on healing and more, and as a special treat, a mini-music concert with plants. Using Music of the Plants as her main research tool, Tigrilla is working to reset the matrix between plants and humans. Her research shows that when this connection is strong, plants create music that can heal disease, release chemicals to end depression and create opportunities for unity in dense cities. Be astounded by what you will learn about interspecies music and true co-creation with the plant world.

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How I am healing my Tinnitus with Sound!

Claire Higgins | My first intent is manifesting beautifully in 2015, it is through the very process that I set out to do when creating my blog, which is exploring ways to restore the equilibrium of hearing loss and tinnitus through sound, and doing so with the intent Open my heart space to listen more freely to sound.  During the ...

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