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The Halo Effect – The Art of First Impressions

Whether we are conscious of the Halo effect or not there is no doubt that it governs our lives. Studies all around the world have proved that the aesthetic factor plays a vital role in the human decision making process!

In other words, scientists have proven that there’s a close connection between the way someone looks and the rate of success of that particular individual. Why is that? Well, because people tend to unconsciously put a great value on the first impression someone makes and on the most striking characteristic of his behavior.

This will develop later on into several presuppositions with respect to the same person, but in other sectors of life! Favors, certain facilities are also in a close relation to a pleasurable appearance!he aesthetic factor plays a vital role in the human decision making process!

What is the Halo Effect?

The Halo Effect is the term used to define the fact that people get influenced by their general impression on something. In other words your most obvious characteristics will generate the overall impression! This theory proves to be a valid one in all sorts of domains –dating, job opportunities and even daily life! A remarkable appearance together with an enthusiastic behavior will make the difference between a successful meeting and a regrettable one!

There is no doubt that first impression always counts, however it is also true that these first impressions are very difficult to be reversed. And what then? Pay attention to everything so that you impress positively all those around you! Play your cards right and you will have the highest chances of success in life!

The way we speak, we dress and we act are determinative in our daily human interaction. Furthermore, it has been proved that in the dating process this can get to an even higher level. Our first impression will vary slightly over the time, taking into account that the initial reaction will remain the same!

Moreover, studies have also revealed that the good-looking individuals, those with sex appeal are more likely to get hired, to get a date more easily, or to experience certain privileges. How come? There are higher chances to treat someone well if he/she has desirable characteristics (you want to possess them as well, or you see him/her as a perfect love partner for you)!

The science behind the feeling of attraction!

The good vibe and the desirable traits make us unconsciously favor that particular individual who has them! At this point, beauty pays the price in achieving or not success in life! Furthermore, dating appears to be the best example of a domain in which people put emphasis on physical attractiveness and on beauty!

The Halo Effect influences the way someone perceives you! By studying the body language, the pitch of the voice or the way someone talks, several other characteristics can also be deduced!

The positive body language and the enthusiastic nature of the discourse will have a stronger impact on the receiver; therefore the receiver is going to get more easily over unpleasant disadvantages of the same person! (See video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtTF7cvogRY)

The way we expose things and the way we present ourselves has definitely an impact on the outcome of the date! Starting from the main stereotype that a well-shaped exterior must have a beautiful interior as well, makes us utter without a fear that nowadays the physical aspect counts!

How to get the perfect date with no efforts!

What influences the way we interpret the one in front of us? The answer is plain and simple – the physical chemistry that results from a proficient way of communication mixed with confidence and optimism!

For instance, if you fancy the appearance of someone then you might as well think that the perceptions of life and the way of thinking are as well compatible with yours! All because of the Halo Effect! However, this might not always be the case!

Therefore, if you want to know how to behave during a date then you must definitely have knowledge in what concerns the Halo Effect! This entire process has as its main base the physical attractiveness stereotype. Being able to make yourself positively remarked by the others and being a charismatic type of person might be the exact thing the others will appreciate and value in you!

Everyday interactions are influenced by the way we perceive the people around us; consequently there is no doubt that the way you present yourself in front of your possible future lover is essential. Do you want to know how a relationship is going to evolve? Well, then focus and analyze your first dates together; these will give you enough information and clues regarding a possible compatibility relationship.

Some specialists have agreed upon the idea that – ‘It is important to know how to sell yourself efficiently!’ Of course that here we are not talking about human trafficking! NO! We are talking about the individuals’ ability to properly present their qualities, but more importantly their ability to mask their defects!

In other words, if you manage to make the girl you date for the first time focus on your qualities and not on your defects, then you can be 90% Shahzad Memon sure that some more gatherings will take place. While focusing on your advantages she will try to explain your disadvantages on a milder tone!

A successful dating based on The Halo Effect!

Do you want to experience a successful dating and you do not know what should be the main points you have to focus on? Well, here is your answer! Everything counts! Starting from your attitude, your behavior, the eye contact, your voice and even your tonality; everything needs to be perfect!

Taking into account all the data gathered by psychologists all over the world, we can safely utter that the most striking characteristic of an individual can generate the overall impression!

Here we mainly talk about the human general tendency to make a judgment in advance and anticipate someone’s unseen characteristics! It is about a type of chemistry that needs to exist in order for a relationship to get over its initial stages.

The first impression is the last impression!

Think about the consequences the Halo Effect has on the dynamic of the dating process. For instance, the better you look the more chances you have to conquer your partner! Having a likeable personality will probably influence the others’ general impression on you.

Moreover, there is nothing out of the ordinary to think that people nowadays tend to judge the others by their covers. The initial impact needs to be a positive one in order for the whole process to take place!

From the hair cut to the lipstick and from the perfume to the shape of the face, they all matter in a face-to-face interaction. As a response, there should be no doubt that the neatness; the energy and the general physical aspect are highly analyzed by both participants in the discussion.

And the justification is simple – the human brain functions based on different types of automatic analogies and correlations that help us rate our interlocutor taking into account the body signs we receive.

Sexual attraction – chemistry or science?

There is no coincidence behind the fact that two people are together. If all works out smoothly from the beginning, the end has no other choice but to be as well, perfect.

The sexual attraction game is mainly influenced by three different perceptions:

  • Auditory perception (the way we talk, or in return how we perceive the other person’s speech)
  • Olfactory perception (the way we smell)
  • Visual perception (the way we look; this appears to be the most important)

Use the Halo effect to your own advantage!

  • Pay attention to details!
  • Be well-groomed!
  • Be careful with your behavior!
  • Be confident in yourself!
  • Be positive and optimistic!

After rigorous scientific analyses there is no doubt that the Halo Effect makes us perceive others in a certain way. The key is to know how to use this effect to your own advantage! Details always count at least on a subconscious level; that type of magnetism that we look forward to feel when we are on a date only depends on us!

The mix of phenomena that takes place on a date dictates the apparition of the sexual attraction or not! Apart from the advantages (preferential treatment for instance), the gut feeling has as well disadvantages. And here we talk about the possibility of having false impressions on someone!

First impressions last forever!

The expectations that we have, the way we are tempted to interpret things Prownu and the way we perceive different types of behaviors governs our daily life. Therefore, knowing more about this process that affects the way we anticipate behaviors is essential!

‘Charm was a scheme for making strangers like and trust a person immediately, no matter what the charmer had in mind.’ (Kurt Vonnegut)



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