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The Collective Nature of Human Consciousness

By David Almeida |

Humans are collective beings.  This means a person’s mind, body and soul, are comprised of many smaller entities.  Human consciousness in particular can separate into an infinite number of thinking units.  Let me explain this little known metaphysical concept.

Human consciousness emanates from a source even greater than itself.  Many call this wellspring God; others refer to it as the Universal Consciousness or some similar name.  Mind, body, and spirit originate from this same source.  Parts of the Universal Consciousness form matter.  This notion is tied to basic physics principles.  We call the individual units of material objects “atoms.”  Atoms are the physical manifestation of consciousness.  It’s safe to say that even a common rock is composed of this collective force.  The rock’s atoms have space between them, yet its form is completely solid to our senses.  A complex jumbo jet exists the same way.

This is science is spoken of by philosophers as monism.  Monism asserts the universe is composed of a single substance.  That this substance forms the entire universe, is known as pantheism.

The human consciousness and its etheric body constantly divide to complete various tasks.  I refer to this process as “splitting.” We see splitting in our reincarnational lives.  In each successive incarnation, a part of our greater self is born into physical reality.  Each one has a separate personality.  We are distinct from our other selves, yet the same.  The higher self’s habit of dividing is much like the process of mitosis in cells.  This procedure is repeated many times during the reincarnational cycle.  Our essence splits hundreds of times in the furtherance of the master plan.

Our greater self splits in order to take up missions in alternate realities.  These are our alter egos.  They inhabit systems that are both physical and nonphysical.  Some are similar our own, while others can only be described as alien.  Our alter egos are perfectly connected to our consciousness.

As with our past lives, they are spawned from the greater self.  The terms “one mind”, or “we are one”, is applicable here.  Our many selves are not aware of each other.  This rule is necessary to the success of the great work.  The people of this reality could not function knowing the truth.  This condition is slowly changing.  As nations begin to accept new ideas like the ones presented here, a new era will emerge.

An observable manifestation of splitting comes to us in the many shades of mental illness.  The psychiatric condition known as dissociative identity disorder or multiple personality disorder demonstrates the process of splitting.  In this instance, the human psyche has suffered trauma.  As a defense mechanism, the mind forms distinct personalities to handle the pain it is experiencing.  These personalities may be past lives, alter egos, or newly formed personas that help ease the individual’s mental suffering.

In other situations, an individual’s pain may not be so obvious.  Stress overload from personal circumstances may cause parts of a person’s being to break away and seek refuge.  After a particularly trying ordeal a person might say, “I lost a part of myself.”  We often hear this when a loved one passes.  This phenomenon is well known to shamans who practice an alternative health technique called soul retrieval.  This procedure attempts to return lost parts of a sick person’s spirit to their body.

It’s difficult to describe the collective nature of humans.  Splitting is a foreign concept.  However, it is something that our body does every minute.  In fact, it happens at conception.  The nonphysical occurrence of splitting is comparable to the wonder of cell division in many respects.  Splitting, accounts for many unexplained, yet common events in the human experience.  An understanding of this theory will advance the spiritual development of humankind.

By David Almeida



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