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The Drama We Hold So Close..


Look at your life and what it has become. Are you where you want to be? The truth is we are all a mess dealing with the same issues. We are all the problem causing the problem, now its time to be the solution.

Once you free your mind you will realize that the real gospel is to repent, which means let go of all that is detrimental to your health and is killing you. Let go of the drama. Life is supposed to be a pleasurable experience not filled with pain and suffering and torment. We torment ourselves with our lust, our lust for what the media tells us is cool or fashionable. The more material we acquire the more we trap ourselves into working for that material, or working to pay off that thing of the day. In turn never getting any real enjoyment out of that thing.

Creativity becomes impossible when you begin to think of all the things you have to carry, and all the loved ones you are trying to support within this system of economic progression. What you think you value and want, becomes obsolete within five days of attaining it. If our lusts are nothing more than parent thoughts and commercials, where does that leave us?

This way of living in a perpetual spiral outward is not healthy, when you begin to focus on your passion and do what makes you unique, you truly begin to walk with god. Useless worthless ritual becomes something of yesterday when everyday you do what you love. Whether money is involved or not, you will free yourself. You are the standard and once you see that, you begin to stop trying to fit into a standard that has been set for you. We were each created differently, the last thing we are supposed to do is fit together. We were all made to stand out in our own unique way.

When you are ready to be the real you and step out of the little box you have been hiding under all of these years your life will change. Social doctrines of today are made to confuse us and keep us under a box with our heads in the sand. They appeal to our physiological need for security, enticing us with physical lusts such as streets of gold, or 70 virgins, this is deception. We were not made to fit in the same suit. We were made to have our own direct connection with the universe.

We are beginning to see a reality that what we are doing is slaving. We are conforming and aiding the progression of some else’s agenda. Many want to defend this curse of our current reality because they simply cannot wrap their heads around what is going on. The way things are unfolding is quite shocking for those who are not in tune to the timeline of the masters. Thinking about Tiger Woods instead of Copenhagen or all the fluffy media is easier to deal with and accept, rather than what is really going on.

Just know that all you have to do to change things if you don’t like the way things are is be the real you. The real you is more interesting than the fake somebody else, the fake media portrayal of you. Reality comes from the inside out. True healing comes from within, we need to go against everything we have been taught and question it. We have been taught to protect and dress up our outer man while our inner man is dying. Swept up in this media storm and keeping up with the Joneses all in HD outside, while inside we are lost and as disconnected as ever.

Primetime is your now point, to endure this path is to comfort and find your soul. There is no drama, it does not exist yet we love it, we feel we need it. To not falsify and be true to your self and love your self is what will attract love into your life. Drama is stale, anything that is not growing is dead, we are all supposed to grow and change. Let your experiences teach you and allow you to grow into your real self.

You were not made to be put into a dramatic cookie cutter box of a life, stand up and tell the world to stop trying to put you in one.






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