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The Forgiving

Quddous Ahmed |

The Forgiving

Our nature is pure yet at times we’re against

The goodness inside on purpose condensed

Intentions are clean yet sometimes we fall

Down in the ring; an internal brawl

Note that inside a beast do we hide

Our only mistake is that we replied

We answered the calling of Satan himself

And without hesitation put God on the shelf

Convincing that moment that “only this once”

A moment now days and days now are months

Time passes us by and we, unaware

It’s taking our life and taking our flare

Our purpose is great and it’s meaningful too

But we blacken our tongues all the way through

What is it we’ve done and how did we slip

“I thought that on my faith that I had a grip!”

There’s one thing for sure- out it I throw

That I have a Lord who’s forgiving, you know

Once knowledge has come my judgement begun

My sins now rewritten, my record undone.

What started off soft had turned into stone

But the love of my Lord has bought me back home

He is full of Mercy. The Rahman, Raheem

My filthy soul back, it is pure and is clean

All praise be to God the Master of all

How could I have thought that sin was so small?

But what is for sure and definitely so

That I have a Lord who’s forgiving, you know.

Quddous Ahmed



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