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By Philip Francis |

There have always been disagreements among scholars about how our planet was formed and when. From the traditional devotees of scientism who continually push back the date into the billions of years and which is purely based on preconceived contorted mathematical guesswork, to the creationists who put it at just tens of thousands of years, when they say it was formed instantly.

So where do we in the Electric Universe community sit? Well as always we don’t just take any type of belief system as a starting point but as always and as far as possible, use a straight forward true scientific approach based on a true scientific method and which is Observation, Measurement, Lab Experimentation & Prediction That Proves Correct.


But having said that what is presented here is not by any way totally accepted across the board within the community, but there is upto a point general agreement built on the ideal. So we all do start from the same place and then progress as far as we can before any speculation comes in and so is based on the criteria of the proper scientific method.

To understand how rocky spheres are made, whether like the ‘Blue Berries’ found on Mars by the hundreds of thousand or indeed the whole planet itself, first we need to understand that electricity is fractal like and so is scaleable by many orders of magnitude and so it’s electricity running through plasma that produces the spheres. But the blueberries are made from existing solid matter after being blasted by a plasma arc; where as rocky planets are ejected from a mass of plasma.

All elements are the same, what ever state of the four matter types that they in, Earth (solid), Air (gas) Water (liquid) or Fire (plasma). It is just the amount of energy that they carry that makes them different. If you add energy from electricity to Ice (Solid) it becomes Liquid. If you add more energy to the Liquid it becomes a Vapor (Gas). If you then add more energy to the Gas it becomes an Ionized Gas (Plasma).


If the electrical tension is increased in the plasma with the associated increased magnetic field, the plasma will be formed by the magnetic field into a sphere with the heavier elements being ejected together as a hot ball. These heavier element/s spheres then cools down (loses energy) to become solid rock.

As we know, electricity doesn’t naturally travel in a constant manor and that is why we need to use capacitors in electronics, to create a constant and smooth flow. So because we live in an Electric Universe all things in it should also reflect this un-constant flow, which of course it does.

In order to delve back in time to see the history of the Earth just like any true scientific investigation, we must as always start with the ‘Observations and Measurement’ and go from there. But this does mean being objective with our observations and measurements and not have preconceived ideas.

4545221-electric-universeFor instance, not automatically believing what Carbon Dating says as being totally gospel, a guide yes but not the absolute truth.

This is because even though Carbon dating is supposed to be constant, it like all the other supposed constants (light and gravity etc) are in fact far from being constant, with some being a whole lot less constant than others.

In the traditional scientific community of scientism, because they know the constants are not constant, they use a term called ‘Intellectual Phase Locking’ to massage the figures to make them look like they are constant and this is done by adjusting their measuring sticks.

So as an example, even though one day a meter might be 100cm long, the next year they might make it 99cm or even 110cm long and so keep any constant seemingly constant and so not let their mathematical guesswork differ from previous years and so fail before they even start

Radio Carbon Dating


Nobel Laureate Halton Arp suffered and was excommunicated from the church of scientism when he exposed one of the pieces of guesswork that made up the ‘standard model’ to be totally wrong. He showed in no uncertain terms that the original speculation that red-shift proved the big-bang theory to be correct by equating it to the distance and speed of an object, was nothing more than bull-shift.

 Because he had the audacity to show with a proper scientific method that red-shift was in fact the way gauge the youth of an object instead, he was ostracized by the hierarchy of scientism and sent into the wilderness.

RIP Halton Arp


Dr Robert Gentry was a well respected scientist who was also suddenly outcast from the main stream and deemed a heretic when his research suddenly suggested that at least certain parts of the earth was formed pretty instantly and in particular the granites, the bedrock of the land masses.

Although the ocean beds now show that they were formed long after some parts of the existing land masses, his work on Polonium Halos led him to think that the whole earth was formed instantaneously. But from an outside point of view, what his research does show is that electricity just like with the fossils, can make things happen at lightning speed.

Dr. Robert Gentry


When we look at the earth itself and plate tectonics in particular, we can also see from today’s perspective that the now accepted ideas are also massively lacking. But we have to admire the work done by Alfred Wegener who expanded on earlier ideas, first proposed by Ortelius as far back as 1596 and so, went against what the leading scientists of his day believed to be true, with some doing the usual thing of name calling and denouncing him as an idiot.

What he saw was that the Weston coast line of Africa fitted pretty well perfectly with the eastern coast line of South America and the islands in the Caribbean sea and so come up the a one land-mass idea which he called Pangaea (meaning ‘all lands’).

After his initial work, Wegener then went looking for further evidence to support the idea of continental drift and came across a paleontological paper which suggested something different and that a land bridge once connected Africa and Brazil. This idea was based on the observational evidence that the same fossilized plants and animals from the same time period were found in both South America and Africa.

As well as this though and after further research he found that some other fossils types were found to be the same in Europe and North America too, which might also suggest a land bridge across the North Atlantic. Plus he then found other similarities were found in other types of fossils that were found in Madagascar and India but with so many land bridges which would needed to be there but then disappeared, he ruled this idea out. So this led to him to be convinced that the idea of a single land mass that drifted apart was correct.


Even though his ideas were sound at the time with the tools and resources he had available, it still took another fifty years or so for the old guard of scientism to die, before the new devotees of the pseudo religion that followed to finally accepted his idea which they then decreed by doctrine as fact.

But there was yet another idea that also surfaced just before the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and was believed to be correct by Yarkovsky in 1888, an expanding Earth. Of course he was also thought of to be a fool just like Wegener and so was mercifully slagged off by the devotees of scientism, with them continuing with this attitude to this day.

Because of scientism’s doctrine and tenet that says that we live in mechanistic driven universe with ‘the bending of light by mass on a flat bit of rubber cloth’ (Einstein’s fantasy on Newtonian gravity) being the only answer, any heretics who disagree with the church will to this day, be all under the fear of extradition and be totally ridiculed as a matter of course.

But now with the aid of computers, we can see that the Pangaea theory is very unlikely to be true and so because such things are really easy to view, at least some of the hierarchy and devotees of scientism should be in opinion put up on charges of continuing to forward fraud. This is because there is enough evidence to show that all they are doing is trying to protect their reputations and carry on lining their own back pockets.

With today’s advances in computing and knowledge, sliding land masses look very unlikely.

Plate Tectonics


Where as an expanding Earth actually works.

Earth Expansion


But with expansion, doesn’t that mean that extra mass would have to be added to the earth to make it expand? Well only if you ignore very basic science, because under increased heat by electricity, all matter states expand. This then of course also includes the fourth state of matter which is electrically conductive plasma.

The Essential Role Of Plasma


Because the contorted mathematical guesswork used by the church of scientism is based on just the first three states of matter and so only makes up just 0.01% of the universe, it has to totally rely on unseen hidden objects and ideas that cannot be in any way proved, let alone be in anyway actually detected.

One of the proofs offered by scientism to say that black-holes exist, is that they can detect x-rays coming from the centre of galaxies, even though x-rays are part of the electromagnetic spectrum which is of course made by electricity.

Next time you pass a Dentist on your local high street ask yourself this, is the x-ray machine inside that is used to image teeth powered by a quantum singularity (very small black-hole), or is it plugged into the mains.

The Mathman


Scientism thinking also says that the Earth has a magnetic field because the magnetic field is being generated by the process of a spinning core of solid iron turning in liquid iron and magma. So if the Earth had expanded, the core would be left bouncing about inside which it isn’t, because we would obviously notice it.

But this explanation can’t be justified when we look at other planetary bodies like Mars, as it has a magnetic field which is not planet wide and only appears in patches over the surface of the planet. Also it can’t explain why such a small planetary body like Mercury has one at all, whose whole inside would have solidified a very long time ago due to its small size. 

But when the contorted mathematical guesswork is ignored, we can easily see that the Magnetic fields don’t come from the inside of planets; they come from the outside and are produced by the electricity coming from the Sun. I would even suggest that if we were to look for water on Mars, we should be looking under one of the patches of the magnetic field.

With the work done by David Talbott after decades of collating ancient texts and examining rock carvings from all over the planet, we get upto about 5/6000 years ago with the Earth becoming part of Sun’s system and leaving the very small Star and which is now the gas giant Saturn, when it was said that the Earth was spinning with Saturn being at the North pole. This means that earth’s pole was inline with the orbital direction of a planetary train and would have been right in the middle of what was recorded in biblical texts which say that the earth flipped over.

With the ‘standard model’ this is hard to imagine with a spinning core but when the magnetic field is seen coming from the outside, it doesn’t matter how the earth is spinning and turning, it is simple gyroscopic effect of a spinning sphere with a wobble.

A Tipping Top


When the sky was alien to what we see now


Wal Thornhill hasn’t as far as I have seen gone into whether he thinks the Earth has expanded or not and only describes why gravity changes due to the amount of charge an object has. So whether it did or not (I am pretty convinced it did), an Earth with less charge than today means that the massive dinosaurs could have easily existed on Earth in the past, because there was less charge on Earth and so less gravity.

This is one of the major scientific facts that scientism hasn’t yet comprehended and is why they still think that comets are ‘grubby snowballs’ that are melting internally with a surface temperature of  -70 degrees C.

In reality though, a objects gravitational effect will increase with the extra charge being absorbed by the mass, so when a comet is a long way from the sun its gravitational effect will be a lot less than when it nearer to the Sun.

But when it enters into an increase in the Sun’s electrical field as it nears, it is forced to take on extra charge and so has to then discharge excessive charge, causing it to arc and produce a coma and a tail. With the magnetic field that is produced by the electricity from the Sun keeping the coma in a spherical shape with the tail having a relatively static structure.


But this simply couldn’t happen in space if it was an electrically inert vacuum as scientism believes and teaches as truth, as a melting ‘grubby snowball’ would give off the debris like a billowing volcano and so, it could not in any way possibly produce a static coma and tail. So as is quite normal with them, they totally contradict themselves in what they believe.

When a gas body is out side the heliosphere of a larger body like an arcing Sun, the smaller gas body will glow softly because it is not big enough and so not have enough surface area to attract enough galactic electricity to arc.

Once the smaller body like Saturn is attracted into the heliosphere of a much bigger star though, its own supply from the galactic current will be cut off and so will then only be able to get a stepped down charge from the much bigger star.

This is what I think would have caused the last big Ice-Age, as Saturn’s direct energy was cut off from galactic currents as it entered the Sun’s heliosphere and ended up in what is now Earth’s orbit. Then as other gas giants came in as well, the electromagnetic force would need to balance all the objects in the Sun’s environment. This would have moved the earth from Saturn’s grasp and perminately into the Sun’s, causing the Ice-Age to thaw and so causing world wide flooding, as the Earth’s environmental readjustments were made and we got the direct energy from the Sun.

This also means I think that at some point in the past, the Sun and what are now the gas giants were once all created along a galactic cosmic filament as a series of z-pinches next to each other, but because the Sun was so much bigger, it pulled the other much smaller glowing (but now) gas giants into its domain, the heliosphere and so because of the balancing electromagnetic field that would naturally happen, it would eventually leave the solar system that we see today. Others think that the Sun ejected all the gas giants but personally I think the first idea is correct. Of course it might be a mixture of the two.

In the old myths- Venus is known as the Daughter of Heaven and Sea and was said to be the child of Uranus (sky) and Gaia (Earth) but in my opinion rather than Uranus being just the sky, I can only see Venus being ejected from Uranus as a gas giant and after some sort of electrical interaction with the earth.

As with all these old texts a lot of it is interpretation, so we can’t really say, but I can’t see how just the sky could produce a rocky planet without a gas giant and so go with that. Uranus (sky) being one of the other Gas Giants but not Saturn. Uranus was said to have had many children which also suggests to me that it was another gas giant rather than just the sky.

Interesting Research

The Star ‘Proto-Saturn’


Scar Face


And our Sol, which is now the major influence on the Earth as well as everything else in its Heliosphere. 



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About The Author

Originally I was a commercial photographic artist, after some years I left advertising to further explore my creative nature.

Since expanding my artistic portfolio I have also stepped in front of the camera and have appeared in various major and minor TV & Film productions, music videos and TV/Viral ads. I am autodidact by nature and this has allowed me to explore many different fields of expression with this manifesting itself as oil paintings, pencil drawings and photography on the visual side. But it has also covered other areas including driving a London Bus, construction, demolition, horticulture and writing a monthly blog about terrestrial and extraterrestrial affairs.

I also now teach a Layperson’s introduction to the Electric Universe Theory through giving talks and writing in the FaceBook group I set up last October, ‘Electric Cosmology’.

This is completely transforming our understanding of the whole of science and brings together the spiritual life into the scientific world by understanding the energies involved in electromagnetism. Where as during the twentieth century where everything has been guessed at by using contorted mathematical guesswork and so totally failed, The EUT takes us back to using a proper scientific method of Observation, Measurement, Lab Experimentation and Prediction That Proves Correct.

When Einstein decided to not include the electromagnetic force in his thinking he made a grave error. This can easily be seen when consider that the force of EM is 10^39 or 1000, billion, billion, billion, billion times more powerful that ‘the bending of light by mass on a flat bit of rubber cloth’ (his fantasy on Newtonian gravity).

This basically means black-holes, dark matter, neutron stars ect is just bad fiction and of course CERN which is also built on his gravity model, is the most expensive white elephant ever built.

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