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The Interaction Between Our Awareness and Our Ego/Mind

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Having awareness to see beyond programs that playout in our daily lives is what we are all moving towards and uncovering day-by-day. The energies on the planet are changing drastically and our souls are pushing us to become aware and go beyond what it is that we each need to drop.

With the awareness we experience somewhat of a struggle, we can call it a battle if you will.  What begins to happen is the soul is bringing in the higher awareness to make clear what is playing out in any given situation but the ego and mind are fighting to stay within the confines in which they are comfortable.

The reason why this happens is quite simple, the mind and ego are identified with it’s current level of awareness and habits and so it wishes to stay there. To make things a little more interesting the mind actually acts as a push for the soul to grow by constantly nagging and challenging the soul and passing that off as YOU. (false sense of self)

Next judgment and observation come in when we begin to look at the world around us and see through what is playing out on the conscious level and begin to feel a pull from both our soul and ego/mind. The ego/mind is what is so tricky because it will convince you that whatever you are observing is wrong no matter what.

If the awareness causes you to move forward the mind will try to convince you that you are wrong and will attempt to see and have the awareness but hold onto the 3D programs because the mind and ego are afraid to move forward from the old programs the soul is trying to bring you beyond. At that point the mind will come up with whatever excuse it wishes to keep you locked in the program because it fears the awareness that is coming forward.

The key thing to observe here is, when we begin to become aware of what is playing out in ourselves and others, it’s important to observe what comes up in ourselves when we feel awareness rocking our foundations. Do we feel judged? Do we defend ourselves? Do we try to bury what is coming up? Do we try to pass it off as nothing? Does it make us sad or angry? In any case, it is NEVER external factors that are making us feel this way, it is US and only US.

If we feel judged it is because we are judging ourselves or are defending what we are currently identified with. If we begin to feel afraid it is because we are losing a sense of self that is not US but is fighting to stay put. See what comes up, feel it IF YOU NEED TO and move forward without fear of what the future will hold.

It is important not to get trapped in the idea that we constantly need to feel out our emotions to the fullest and experience them over and over. That is simply the mind and ego again keeping us held back from moving forward.

by Joe Martino

Source: http://www.collective-evolution.com/



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