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transcending your own problem

The key to transcending your own problems is self-enquiry

The key to transcending your own problems is self-enquiry

Many people think that their problems are caused by others or externals. You may think it’s your boss that causes you stress, or your husband who should change, or the tube driver who should have waited for you to get on before shutting the doors. You may think, if only things were different you would be happy.

Well, have you noticed, that when things have changed in your favour the focus never stays there for long as there’s always something else that’s not right.

Now, I’m not saying that you should change the way you think. This in fact is not really easy. Thoughts, by their nature, come and go. Have you tried to control your thoughts? If so, you will know that this is pretty hard.

The issue is that most people don’t even know – or want to know – what their own thoughts are.  But in order to transcend our problems and pain, of whatever kind, we need to know what we are dealing with in the first place, right?

This makes sense, since, for example, if you were to set out on a journey over rough terrain in a clapped out car, you would need to know the likelihood of the vehicle breaking down. The same way, in order to know how you may discover real satisfaction, you will need to know the blockages.

The blockages that are the real obstacles are what I call road blocks. These road blocks are not put there by other people but our own thinking which, for the most part, is in standby mode. You know, the TV is on but you can’t see the picture. These road blocks are the thoughts and beliefs we harbour that we rarely question.

Jiddu Krishnamurti, one of the most incisive spiritual teachers that ever lived, used to say that we talk about living but we never question whether this living is living at all. Equally we could ask if the thinking that we do is even thinking at all.

Thinking is intrinsically intelligent – no animal or other living being can think  quite the way a human is capable of doing can they? Thus we have an enormous gift right from the outset.

So why do we suffer? Why do we get so confused, and in so many difficulties with others?

It is the unseen thoughts and beliefs that lend a flavour to our experience that is usually dissatisfying, or not very satisfying for very long.

It is the unquestioned thoughts we have and which run the show. So in a nutshell if we can develop awareness of our thoughts we will be able to question the truth of them. Then we will discover that the vast majority of them do not serve us.

This is the road towards having more empowering and useful thoughts and a life that is more liberated from the mental self-created prison.

Reena Gagneja

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