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The Power In Realizing That We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For

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It dawned on you that each of these spaces overlap so that the systems and institutions which govern them can attempt to control your behaviour. By controlling only one individual, they thought that they could control everyone. However, they failed to do so, because the one they tried to control was the first to wake up and escape their simulated dream. Where the Tao and God exist (which is everywhere) there is no control; there is only pure freedom and liberation.

The Human Spirit rises time and again to override the systems, networks, webs and matrixes of control in infinite directions of space and time throughout the epic hyper-verse. The Spirit–[Your Spirit]–cannot and will not be held down, but rather, it lives, moves, breathes and creates by perpetuating its beauty and grace in the spaces between the atoms and molecules of our shared reality.


Beyond the scare tactics and torture treatment, you arrived in those spaces where nothing could tarnish or tamper with your newfound awareness. Instead, you remembered that there is no limit to what any of us can dream, imagine, achieve, manifest, or become the moment that we recognize and embrace our infinite nature, our celestial heritage, and our true face.
We are the ones that we have been waiting for, because the ones we would have otherwise waited on are too marred by the things that they try to control to ever see outside the matrix that we inevitably successfully escaped. The moment you realized that no one was coming for you was the instant that you woke up from the dream, took on the shape and nature of your personal escape route, and glided safely through the wormhole to a safe haven of your own making.
The key is to recognize that no one is coming for you, and the crucial choice each of us has to make is to wake up and bolt out of the synthetic dream in pursuit of our soul’s freedom and restoration in another realm. After that, we fight to remain awake and never fall back into ignorance again. Our level of awareness at any given moment, with each step that we take, determines the degree to which we successfully escape the matrix of control that confronts us each day. There exist infinite, eternal dimensions completely free of matrixes of control and each one of us has the chance of finding one.
Every time you think a creative thought, pump out a creative endeavour, sing a song, quilt or weave, provide another soul with a warm meal, dance without a care, or agree to believe in miracles you are moving through one of those realms where anything is possible.There is life thriving there beyond the grasp of anyone or anything that is bent on control. Your life is likely already thriving there.


In attempting to control us in this dimension, [they] try to plug certain simulations into a person’s consciousness to make them enact or carry out tasks ranging from menial to momentous. There are times when I find myself walking or stretching casually, jogging slowly or climbing stairs, and I actually feel and experience myself at the gym as if I were winding down from a long workout. It is very interesting to note that in these moments when I experience the overlay of dimensions, I am 100% conscious and aware of my body, mind and spirit being in a particular space-time frame wherever I am standing. I am entirely inside my body, and yet at the same time, I experience myself in another realm side by side.

This aberration in the grid seeks to influence your mental evaluation and examination of your life experience moment to moment, and its purpose is to control you mentally, physically and emotionally. However, it fails to control your spirit, and since it is your spirit that is eternal, the best tactic seems to be to fight to reclaim your soul.

You can use their overlays to your advantage. Anytime you have a similar experience of feeling that work, school, a pub, the gym, shopping, dining out, or making love all seem to be occurring at the same exact moment, you can simply shift your awareness through the paper-thin veil. You create a time tunnel or wormhole of escape that carries you safely to the realms beyond [their] reach. Stuart Wilde called it “Smiley Country”: those places in your mind and spirit where you cultivate kindness, love, laughter, and you find yourself shining with a gleaming grin beyond force fields of illusion and control.


There are wormholes, time tunnels, parallel universes and infinite possibilities for each of us to come upon and discover. It is through these tunnels that we ultimately emerge to a new freedom, again and again and again. Every time we fall and get back up, every time we rise again and triumph over unimaginable circumstances, and any time we refuse to quit but instead carry on with an ancient endurance, we dismantle another veil or brane that separates truth from fiction. We reclaim our pen, our power, and our purpose, and fashion our rewrite.

This time, the story ends only so that it can begin again, and the new beginning marks the rebirth, regeneration and restoration of Gaia, the Goddess, Mother Earth, the Celestial Force, the protection and safety of our children, and the revolution of the Human Spirit that cannot and will not be held down.


by julesofarc

Source: http://www.collective-evolution.com/



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