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The Secrets to Spiritual Consciousness

A common question I’m asked is “What is Spiritual Consciousness?”

Inevitably, this creates what I have called “Expanded Consciousness,” which is whole, complete, undivided, and indivisible, and is ultimately at peace, both with itself and with its surroundings.

And in this state, the constant and restless to-ing and fro-ing of the mind and spirit are supplanted by the inner bliss I refer to as “True Joy,” a new state of Being that opens up new and expanded vistas in all areas in your life.

Once you open into True Joy, the things in your life you may have believed were beyond your grasp – good health, prosperity, successful relationships, and an abundance of wealth and good fortune – naturally come to you as a direct consequence of this new way of being.

What’s more, you will find the seldom-trodden path to True Joy takes you to a place of inner quietness, joy and happiness, entirely independent of outer circumstances. The reason for this is the path to the experience of True Joy, which is True Success, is found within you, not outside of you – which is the reason so many “self-help” systems fail to help the very people who need them most.

But it gets even better, because once you attain the state of state of spiritual consciousness, everything becomes easier and more fun, including making decisions and reaching your goals… and you inevitably develop a brand new perspective on who you really are and what your life is ultimately all about.

Thus through True spirituality, you can open the door to greater success, abundance and happiness in all areas of your life.

However, it’s important I am clear about something – this doesn’t happen overnight. Regardless of the claims you will see from so-called “gurus,” there is no “quick fix” or shortcut when it comes to opening into the experience of True Success and True spirituality. The way into those experiences, by design and intention, reveals itself over time. Why? So you can completely enjoy, embrace and appreciate the expansion process!

In other words, achieving spiritual consciousness, True Success, and experiencing the state of True Joy takes substantial work and a significant amount of time and energy. More than that, it requires the skilful application of specific and little-known tools, strategies and techniques, all of which you must master and learn to apply with the skill and dexterity of a jeweller.

Ultimately, though, spiritual consciousness is open and available to everybody, not merely those who are seeking “spiritual” answers to life’s big questions: who am I? Where am I going? What does it all mean?

No, spiritual consciousness is for anyone who seeks personal development and growth in life, regardless of any “spiritual” leanings they have.

Because spiritual consciousness and True Joy not only help you attain expanded Consciousness, but it enables you to break free from the shackles you have placed yourself in.

Remember: the chains binding you the tightest are frequently the ones you’re unaware are there.

Robert Scheinfeld

About The Author

Robert Scheinfeld, founder of the Journey to the Infinite program, helps you tap new sources of power to create your life from. By applying his simple yet powerful techniques, you will be transported far beyond a mere “secure financial future” or simple “prosperity” into a place of infinite power and wisdom, manifesting abundance in ways you may have never imagined possible.

Once you apply these powerful techniques and expand, you will be empowered to truly live your life with no limits. http://www.journeytotheinfinite.com



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