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The state of ‘Flow’

What is the state of Flow?

No it isn’t the ‘time of the month’! Haha.

Erm…so, anyway…

I watched a seminar video on ‘Mindvalley Academy’ recently where they described the 4 most common ‘states’ we experience in our lives.

The 1st state they describe is ~ No 1)

edit(27117)No 1)

We do not like our lives. In this particular and very common state.

We are unhappy in the ‘now’ – as in we hate the present moment, feel sort of trapped…


We have no vision of the future.

No dreams we are working towards, no hope it is going to get better for us.

We are lost and trapped at the same time.

This state feels like ‘Depression’.

069574-blue-jelly-icon-alphanumeric-n2-solidThe No 2 state)

We are content and quite happy in the ‘now’ life feels good, breezy and enjoyable.


We don’t really have goals and dreams we are working towards.

Maybe short term goals such as holidays.

This is not a bad place to be at all, it’s quite care-free – yet without long term goals for the future, this state can easily become quite stagnant and runs the risk for depression or depressive periods if things take a dive.

threeNo 3 state)

In this state we have set goals for the future.

Huge dreams, a big vision of how we want life to be. The sharp contrast of depression may have caused us to imagine and desire a vibrant future.

Yet we actually don’t really enjoy the ‘now’. We long to be in the future where our perceived happiness is and we are living out our dreams.

This particular state feels like ‘Stress’.

Without enjoying the ‘now’ we can never get to ‘there’.

Without learning to enjoy the present moment and create happiness right now, we will only bring the stress and unhappiness into the future.

We can not line up with our dreams and no amount of time spent pushing towards them seems to bring us any closer. We are in a resistant state. 


Lastly, the No 4 state)

We have long and short term dreams of the future.

A clear vision of how we want life to be and the kind of things we will be doing. There’s a vivid mental picture of what we feel is our purpose and destiny.


We are enjoying the ‘now’.

We are thoroughly loving our life right now.

This is the most desired state, the state of ‘Flow’. We are in complete alignment and everything just comes together perfectly – with impeccable timing and synchronicity after synchronicity.

The people we need to connect with arrive, the ideas flow, everything is easy and enjoyable, things come together at lightening speed – everything just ‘Flows’.

This is the optimal ‘Law of attraction’ state and there’s no resistance.

Life is playful and joyful, we line up with our dreams.

THIS is the state we want to be in.

So what state would you say you were in right now in your life?

You’ve probably had experience of all 4 states.

I spent most of my earlier life in state no 2 – enjoying the ‘now’. Yet without long term goals of my own, that contributed to about 3 years in state no 1 – depression.

This eventually gave rise to the sort of life I did want – and I dreamed huge giant dreams for every area of my life.

Yet for the past year or so I have been stuck in state no 3 really – stress in the ‘now’ for not being ‘there’ yet. Without fully realising why. I guess I knew I needed to enjoy the present moment much more – I did 2 mindfulness courses!

But I didn’t realise JUST how important it was for my future.

Sometimes…We read an article, watch a video, speak to a friend, have a revelation….something just clicks and we see the bigger picture – or a different viewpoint – and things can change.

We make a little breakthrough.

Which is why i’m writing this and passing the information on, so it can help somebody else with their personal growth if they need it. We are truly in the sharing of information Age!

remember-to-have-funFor me, I know what I need to do and it is not as easy as it sounds. It’s probably my hardest lesson after having depression. I need to learn to ‘play’ again.

I need to learn how to let go and just trust, to throw myself into the ‘now’ and develop this as a new skill and habit – because i’ve completely forgotten how to do it – and that alone makes me feel a little bit sad.

You might have read my previous post on setting goals and affirmations in the form of questions…so, with that in mind I am asking my brain…Why is my life so much fun?

I will let you know how I get on! – Project fun! Haha. 

To sum it up? To achieve the state of flow and optimal happiness ~ Dream for the future but do not forget to have fun in the now.

Or have fun in the now ~ but remember to dream and set goals/have purpose.

So what state are you in? 1, 2, 3 or 4? Or something else entirely?

Many blessings to you!

Sarah xx

About The Author

I’m Sarah Cooper, my passions are in: Wellbeing, art, travel & emotional healing.

Through depression I experienced an ‘awakening’ that led me to explore spirituality, psychology and the metaphysical. I want to help other people through this painful process and eventuality open a retreat to bring people together on their healing journey.

I also create Gemstone ‘frequency’ jewellery for: The Law of Attraction, Chakra healing, Yoga, and Spiritual growth. Find out more here: www.lovebeyondthemoon.etsy.com

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